Top 50 Knitting Patterns of 2019

It’s that time of year again: we’ve looked through all our data and compiled the most popular knitting patterns from 2019, and this year’s list will not disappoint. Full of projects for the bold hearted, this roundup boasts daring designs packed with fearless color choices and adventurous accents. From classic pillows and cozy cardigans, to beautiful hats, scarves and sweaters, this list covers it all. 


Soft shades of blue and pink are always expected, but this year we saw lavender, daffodil yellow and orange blossom pop up in an unexpected way.

Rosalyn Baby Romper | English Lavender Scarf | Rosalie Striped Lace Scarf | Seafoam Open Sleeve Top | Daffodil Ruffled Cardigan | Orange Blossom Cowl

Trend Forecast: In 2020… look for peppy pastels

Continuing the 2019 trend, you’ll see these muted tones making statements — even in their soft palette. Think sorbet hues that are slightly more saturated with tangerine being the new orange blossom. The best part? Combining multiple pastel hues to create a stunning ensemble in the shades that you like best.

Get the look now: Tangerine Zest Pullover




Neutral is safe, and sometimes, it’s best. These patterns shine in their effortlessly chic neutral color schemes and allow themselves to be versatile whether in accessories or in everyday wear. Neutral colors definitely had a moment in 2019 and we expect to see these hues continue well into the next year.


Marguerite HeadbandToasted Marshmallow Socks | Auberon Cabled Hat | Fluffy Lodge Socks | Cambrie Cable Slippers | Clear Lake Cardigan | Hilltop Hat | Frosty Cables Hat | Lakeland Cable Scarf | Northwoods Twisted Cowl | Marley Crewneck

Trend Forecast: In 2020 … look for neutrals paired with neons

While we can’t say that a bright neon sweater is on our list of things to knit this year, pops of neon are definitely something we can get on board with. Tip: pairing with neutrals softens the “blow” of neon yarn. Blacks and other darker colors offer too much contrast and tend to look dated.

Get the look Now: Clara Clutch




A color that usually doesn’t take center stage had its moment in the limelight (er, yellow light?) earlier this year. From lacy, to geometric, to honey-bee inspired, to extremely chunky, yellow checked all the boxes in 2019.

Eyelet of the Beholder Scarf | Hive Five Mittens | Honeycomb Hat | Honey Bee Wrap | Poplar Cardi | Wild Honey Cowl

Trend Forecast: In 2020… look for marigold mania

We are looking forward to seeing more of this unique shade in 2020. It’s not the traditional mustard color and it’s not quite gold either but you’re sure to see it shine!

Get the Look Now: Highland Hero Sweater





Each year, new animals take the center stage in the fashion industry. Some animals are here for a brief moment, while others stick around for years. These were some of the favorites from 2019.

Black Bear Baby Sweater | Silly Moose Toddler Cardigan | Ginger Fox Socks

Trend Forecast: In 2020…  look for creative creatures (especially unicorns). 

Some other character predictions include: narwals, owls, french bulldogs, corgis, llamas, foxes, elephants, sloths, cats, deer, monkeys, horses and sea life.  

Get the look now: Eloise the Elephant





As styles became more bold, so did color choices. Whether that means bold motifs or unusual color pairings, these pieces were showstoppers and you loved ‘em!

Marilee Brioche Scarf | Paloma Shawl | Watermelon Pouch | Bonfire Plaid Blanket | Yours Truly Baby Hoodie 

Trend Forecast: In 2020… look for bold colors paired with metallics

Bold takes it to the next level in 2020 by being paired with metallics. Any color that looks good in the light will have an extra glint whether with sequins, rhinestones or metallic thread. The best news is metallics can be casual or dressy which will make these pieces extra versatile.

Get the look now: Shimmering Mermaid Sarong




From Fair Isle flowers to buffalo plaid, 2019 patterns went to another level with gorgeous colors and impressive design work. Let these patterns challenge what you believe is possible and let the creativity in your knitting flow!

Golden Hour Fair Isle Scarf | Patchwork Meadow Jacket | Raspberry Rose Sweater |Woodsy Hoodsy Toddler Vest | Calypso Cowl | Mid Lake Boot Cuffs 

Trend Forecast: In 2020… look for animal prints and mixed prints

Spread your wings and try a different style of Fair Isle colorwork this year. We are hoping to see more animal prints pop up in knitting as they’re bound to take over the fashion world by storm.

Get the look now: Zig-Zag Zebra Bag




Not quite a poncho, not really a cape, the capelet is the feminine structure that everyone’s talking about. These two patterns came to the forefront in 2019 and we hope to see this trend continue.

Nordic Shore Capelet | Cereus Cowl

Trend Forecast: In 2020… look for capes

The true cape may make a comeback in 2019 so we are curious to see how that will look in the knitting world. Likely not a superhero style cape, this will be a modern take on the classic that will be a chic answer to both casual and dressy styles.

Get the look now: Buttoned Poncho Coat




Knit stitches can create a dense fabric, or they can create an open, lace-type fabric. The latter, results in pieces that are a mix of warmth and breeziness — just like these five classic projects that captured your hearts in 2019.

Seabreeze Pullover | Kailani Breezy Top | Seeing Eyelet to Eyelet Top | All Eyelets On You Tee | Parodia Sweater

Trend Forecast: In 2020… minimal shaping 

The breezy look will get an unconstructed upgrade in the spring with inventive ways to create knitwear that doesn’t require a lot of shaping and is very much made for layering.

Get the look now: Leafy Lace Tee





Skip the buttons and zippers, tied sweaters and cardigans are so in. These two pieces are prime examples of how you can use the tie to your advantage for a customizable fit and style.

Cabin Morning CoatEverly Wrap Sweater 

Trend Forecast: In 2020 … look for sweaters built for comfort

Be on the lookout for slouchy, laid-back styles inspired by ‘90s grunge wear to pop up in stores. Pair these trends with more feminine, A-Line silhouettes of years past, and you’ll have our prediction for next year. Don’t be afraid to pair a casual sweater with crisp tennis shoes and black leggings. Think of luxuriously lazy as a transition from athleisure to comfy chic. Prepare for everyone to feel comfortable and confident in 2020.

Get the look now: Mae Cabled Tunic




Knits dove into blue in 2019 and by blue we mean deep, deep blue. This rich color was a bit unexpected and made a strong statement in home decor and knitwear alike.

Leilani Shawl | Midnight Lights | Caspian Cables Pillows | Lapis Pullover

Trend Forecast: In 2020 … look for classic blue

What is classic blue? Imagine being at the deepest part of the ocean and coming forward to a lighter, but still bold blue, and that’s the color of the year. This blue is more grounded and less intense, but a great foundation for many knit designs to come. Get ready to see plenty of it this year!

Get the look now: Riverside Cardi

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So, which pattern is your favorite? Which trend are you looking forward to this year? Leave a comment and let us know!

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