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Your Favorite Knitting Patterns from 2020

As we wrap up this crazy year that is 2020, we wanted to highlight the top 25 knitting patterns of the year as chosen by YOU. It was certainly an interesting year with lots of changes and hurdles to overcome, but what we all quickly realized is that knitting was still here ready to relive stress, pass time, and generally make life better. We strove to provide inspiring and trendsetting patterns to our readers this year and we look forward to hearing what your favorite pattern is from the bunch. Without further ado, the top 25 patterns of the year!

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Raffia Yarn Round Up

Ra-Ra Raffia, Grass Green, $20;
Universal Yarn Yashi Iro, Sea Life, $9;
Paper Mart Raffia Ribbon, Kraft, $3;
Premier Home® Raffia Yarn, Turquoise, $5;
Gold and Silver Raffia Yarn, $11;
King Cole Raffia, Carousel, $8;
Universal Yarn Yashi, Hot Green, $7;

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Neon Knit Products

Lion Brand Jeans Colors, Bermuda Shorts, $7;
Cascade Yarns Cascade 220, Neon Yellow, $10;
PURL SOHO Mulberry Merino, Persimmon Orange, $24;
Cascade Yarns Noble Cotton, Azalea Pink, $8;
Nancy’s Knit Knacks Knit-Kards, $20;
SweetGeorgia Tape Measure, $3;
Cascade Yarns Cascade 220, Blaze, $10;
Love Yarn Ball Shirt,

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