Nicola Prybell

Projects by Nicola Prybell

I Knit Because Murder is Wrong Bracelet

Made of hypoallergenic aluminum, this adjustable bracelet will let you show your love for knitting in a witty and fashionable way. Each letter is hand stamped and crafted with care. Add this one-of-a-kind bracelet to your jewelry collection.

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Custom Leather Labels

Sometimes the finishing touch on a project is a custom label that adds the professional look you’re going for. These laser cut and engraved labels are made from vegetable dyed leather and have a variety of customizable options to choose from.

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All I Care About Is Knitting T-Shirt

Whether you’re heading to your local yarn store or hanging with your knitting circle of friends, this shirt will be adored by all. Your knitting isn’t just a hobby and this shirt let’s people know that you mean business (in a fun, lighthearted way of course!).

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Leaf Handle Ceramic Yarn Bowl

Handmade on a wheel with reclaimed clay and glazed in a cream and light green, this yarn bowl is large and absolutely gorgeous. A yarn bowl like this nice deserves a place next to your favorite chair to keep your yarn off the floor. You’ll be able to fit two-to-three balls of yarn in the

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Tassel Time: How to Make Tassels

Get on board the tassel train by adding the perfect spring touch to your knits. Playful, trendy and full of flair, tassels can add a lot of character to your knit pieces—plus, they’re surprisingly easy to create.

In this tutorial, designer Jen Lucas shows us two different methods for creating tassels: tassel fringe and round-headed tassels.

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