About I Like Knitting Gold Club

The Gold Club is your all-access pass to I Like Knitting’s expertise for the best possible value. As a member, you’ll receive access to the Gold Club, Magazine Club, and Collections Club. This VIP club for true knitting lovers ensures that you can access the best patterns and expert tutorials anytime, anywhere and on any device.

If you’re into knitting, then you deserve membership in the Gold Club — because it’s the best resource available for patterns, tutorials and expert tips. For less than a cup of coffee, you can access hundreds of designer patterns, expert instructions and step-by-step demonstrations of the trendiest stitches and techniques.

When you activate your I Like Knitting Gold Club Charter Membership today, you’ll get access to everything we have about knitting — all access and all the time:

  • Bronze Club Access, which includes free knitting patterns, access to at least one premium magazine pattern per month, access to at least one premium collections pattern per month, email newsletters, and special merchandise discounts.
  • A full year of upcoming issues of I Like Knitting magazine — the digital edition, including nearly 100 exclusive designer knitting patterns and articles with step-by-step instructions, video tutorials and full-color photography for details of projects and stitches.
  • Instant access to EVERY issue we've ever published — that’s more than 7 years of issues with 700+ patterns and articles.
  • Access to the I Like Knitting Designer Patterns Collections that includes NEW and trendy patterns, carefully curated, and refreshed annually.
  • Regular e-newsletters, full of the latest knitting tips & tricks and even more FREE patterns.
  • NEW! Free Bonus! FREE access to our just-released on-demand streaming video 9 Knitting Tutorials: Tips and Tricks for Knitters Old and New — featuring patterns and tips for knitters of every skill level.

I Like Knitting is known for its quality, style and our commitment to providing our readers only with the best of the best. Treat yourself to the Gold Club and access all of our expertise, so that your passion and talent for knitting will thrive.

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About I Like Knitting Magazine

With I Like Knitting Magazine you will start enjoying some of the best patterns the web has to offer. As a member, you’ll receive six brand new issues each year (nearly 100 new patterns) and will get instant access to 700+ knitting patterns in our pattern library. That’s practically pennies for each pattern!

Since its start in the summer of 2014, I Like Knitting has worked hard to find incredible patterns from top designers to make each issue the best it can be. Stay on top of knitting fashion trends and discover a world filled with thrilling patterns, knitting tips and tricks, simple-to-follow tutorials and more. Each issue comes packed with handpicked knitting designs that are just waiting for your knitting needles! Plus, with knitting videos and tutorials for knitting stitches, there are lots of ways to expand your skills and learn how to knit in new ways. Each pattern is tech edited to catch and correct any errors, and if you have any questions about a design, just leave a comment on that pattern and our tech editor will be happy to assist you. I Like Knitting believes strongly in building up a community of talented designers and knitters of all skill levels. We hope you join us today to start building up your library of knitting afghan patterns, knitting scarf patterns, knitting sweater patterns and more — all available on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone with an active Gold Club membership. What are you waiting for? Take the next step and join our knitting community of talented readers who live to learn new techniques and love to knit.

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About I Like Knitting Collections

The Designer Patterns are a great way to see what I Like Knitting is all about. Join the Gold Club today to get access to carefully curated knitting pattern collections, each featuring incredible projects from scarves and shawls to baby blankets and afghans.

Looking for that perfect project for your upcoming niece or nephew? Our baby pattern collection has you covered, featuring some of the cutest knit baby patterns from a blanket and booties to the cutest nursery decor. Or are you interested in spicing up your wardrobe? Don’t miss our must-have selection of fashion-forward knit tops including knit tanks, knit tees and the cutest vest ever! We even offer knitting patterns that will fit perfectly in your home, from knit pillow patterns to knitted bathroom items and more!

Once you are a Gold Club member, you’ll get instant access to NEW designer patterns that cover every type of pattern you can imagine, from knit cowls to tanks and tees. Be sure to check out each collection and choose the patterns you want to knit because every now and then, each collection will be updated with brand new patterns so you’ll never get bored!

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About I Like Knitting Bronze Club

The I Like Knitting Bronze Club is your special invitation to experience what I Like Knitting is all about—without spending a dime. As a free member of the I Like Knitting Bronze Club, you’ll get these benefits:

  • FREE knitting patterns and downloads: You’ll have instant access to FREE knitting patterns that are beautiful and that appeal to knitters of every skill level.
  • FREE eNewsletter: You’ll get regular eNewsletters from us about new patterns and occasional knitting tips and tricks.
  • Previews of premium knitting content: You’ll get exclusive access to previews of our premium content—including knitting patterns from premium designers!
  • Special discounts and offers to join: You’ll get special merchandise discounts and invitations and offers to join our premium Gold Club—offers that are reserved especially for Bronze Club members!

The I Like Knitting Bronze Club is your ticket to sampling our content and seeing why I Like Knitting can be your go-to source for everything about knitting!

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