Baby’s First Fair Isle Cardigan

Start making the cutest clothing and accessories for your favorite little person today when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club! The Gold Club puts the ultimate collection of patterns in your hands anytime you feel like knitting.

Let’s be honest, is there anything cuter than an adorable baby wearing a cardigan? Maybe if

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Knit Blankets to Make Your Home Cozier

There’s a very simple way to make your home cozy and inviting. All you need is some yarn, some knitting needles, and the patterns you get when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club today!

There’s nothing like a cozy home. Even the fanciest home in town is lacking if it isn’t cozy. Now, cozy

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5 Light and Airy Lace Patterns You’ll Love

5 Lace Patterns, Light as a Summer Breeze
Ready to wrap yourself in lace? Our dynamic collection of lace patterns will fulfill your desires—part of your I Like Knitting Gold membership.

Lace never goes out of style. It goes with everything, from a pair of jeans to a maxi sundress, from a day at the beach to

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15 Summer Patterns You Don’t Want to Miss!

Your June 2021 Issue of I Like Knitting Magazine is Ready
Don’t miss out on these stylish summer knits as part of your I Like Knitting Gold Club membership!

Welcome to the June 2021 issue of I Like Knitting. It’s mid-spring as I’m writing this, and there’s still a little chill in the evening air. That’s okay,

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The Beginner Collection from I Like Knitting Magazine

The Beginner Collection from I Like Knitting Magazine
Master the art of knitting this year. These beginner patterns are the perfect way to get going, build your confidence, and create something beautiful.

When I began knitting, everything seemed complicated. I must have picked the hardest possible patterns, because veteran knitters would look at me with pity as

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Add a spark of the Southwest to your home

Wrap yourself in the warmth of the Southwest. The Arizona Afghan embodies the beauty of the Arizona desert, with its energetic oranges, greens, and blues.

The Southwest motif appears before your eyes as you knit this one-panel combination of interesting stitch patterns. You’ll linen stitch, colorwork, and even a bit of intarsia.

Linen stitch makes up the

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Use your favorite stitch patterns in this classic pullover!

The details in Lana Jois’s Chamomile Pullover take a classic sweater silhouette from good to great! She uses ribbing, garter stitch, and stockinette to perfection here, taking all of the best things about each stitch and showcasing them in interesting ways.

Hem, cuffs, and a turtle neck are worked in knit 1 purl 1 ribbing, a

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Fun, Flattering Seed Stitch Patterns

Get 10 Seed Stitch Patterns in this Dynamic Collection
From handbags to pillows to sweaters, our dynamic collection of seed stitch patterns is ready for your needles as part of your I Like Knitting Gold membership.

Not many knitting stitches are as easy and versatile as the seed stitch. Simply by alternating knits and purls every other

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