Dream a Little Dream of Cozy Blankets

Knitted blankets are a stylish way to stay cozy. Get dozens of adorable blanket patterns when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club today!

That’s especially true for the young people in our lives who might need a little something extra to stay warm when the evening breeze begins to blow.

You could, of course, go

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5 Easy-Breezy Sweaters to Knit

Enjoy the crisp air and cold nights with these sweaters, just some of the hundreds of patterns that are yours when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club today!

Naturally, with chilly days on our mind here at the I Like Knitting office, we wanted to make sure there were some cozy patterns for our

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Knit These Wool Adirondack Mountain Socks Today

Is there anything better than a warm, soft pair of socks on a cold winter morning? It certainly is easier to get out of bed when you have a nice layer of Merino wool between your feet and a chilly floor! On our days off, we love sliding these Adirondack Mountain Socks on from our

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Raindrops On Roses Baby Set

This is one project that’s on our list of favorite things. It can be on yours, too, when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club today!

Who can forget the moment in The Sound of Music when Julie Andrews begins singing “My Favorite Things?” It might be one of the most well-known songs in movie

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Baby’s First Fair Isle Cardigan

Start making the cutest clothing and accessories for your favorite little person today when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club! The Gold Club puts the ultimate collection of patterns in your hands anytime you feel like knitting.

Let’s be honest, is there anything cuter than an adorable baby wearing a cardigan? Maybe if

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A Perfect Shoulder Bag For Any Occasion

Are you ready to start knitting the perfect spring shoulder bag? You can start right away when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club today!

We’ll admit it. Finding the perfect shoulder bag is a moment for celebration. You know the feeling. It’s just big enough, but not too big. It hangs perfectly. And it’s

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