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Celebrate Mom With The Mother’s Day Knitting Collection

Get 18 perfect patterns for mom to help her celebrate this Mother’s Day!

Dear Knitting Enthusiast,

When I was a kid, I was always so excited to give my mom a handmade Mother’s Day gift. Usually that meant something I’d colored the day before. She would hang it on the refrigerator and praise my artistic endeavors. I’m

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It’s the Color of the Year Knitting Collection!

Celebrate color with a collection highlighting gorgeous magenta!

Dear Knitting Enthusiast,

It’s vibrant. It’s joyful. And it’s the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year. Welcome Magenta! Join me on a journey to celebrate this perfect shade of red! This color is a must when it comes to knits. It’s creative and comforting, and to be honest, it’s

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Knit Blankets to Make Your Home Cozier

There’s a very simple way to make your home cozy and inviting. All you need is some yarn, some knitting needles, and the patterns you get when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club today!

There’s nothing like a cozy home. Even the fanciest home in town is lacking if it isn’t cozy. Now, cozy

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The April 2023 Issue of I Like Knitting is Ready!

Enjoy Earth-friendly patterns, retro style, terrific tops, and more!
Dear Knitter,

Let’s hear it for Spring! Longer, warmer days, bright sunshine — and lots of great projects to knit!

Let’s take a look inside the April 2023 issue of I Like Knitting to see the Spring forecast!

A Little Bit Retro

Nothing says Spring like flowers, so why not make

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Cozy Up With the Auberon Cabled Hat

There’s nothing more heart-warming (and head-warming) than a handmade hat. Get five brand new knit hat patterns when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club today!

Did you know that the average low temperature for April in parts of Kentucky is only in the low 40s? In Colorado, lows can be in the 30s in

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Tell somebunny you love them with a beautiful knit project!

Ring in spring with some sweet new knitting!

Dear Knitting Friend,

Get ready for your little ones to do a hoppy dance in style with handknit wearables. Lambs, chicks, and, of course, bunnies romp through our Easter Collection from I Like Knitting! Make something new and totally adorable for your favorite peeps with these patterns that are

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The Signature Spring Shawl Collection from I Like Knitting!

25 Super shawl patterns!
Dear Knitting Friend,

A shawl is the perfect accessory, whether you want to add a splash of color or keep the chill off in style. Our Signature Spring Shawl Collection has more than two dozen patterns — shawls that range from fun and flirty to light and lacy to cozy and comfortable. Make

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The Signature Spring Cardigan Collection from I Like Knitting!

Cast on today to make more than a dozen dazzling cardigans!
Dear Knitting Friend,

Create your own signature spring look with one of the cardigans from our Signature Spring Cardigan Collection. It’s always a good idea to have a sweater on hand in case the weather turns cool, and our Open Cloud Cardigan is the sweater you’ll

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The Signature Spring Scarf Collection from I Like Knitting!

Wrap yourself in light and lacy patterns!
Dear Knitting Friend,
Winter scarves are delightful, cozy, and warm. But warmer weather calls for a different kind of scarf. Our Signature Spring Scarf Collection has nine notable scarf patterns with light, lacy motifs you’re sure to enjoy. Use them to dress up an outfit for the evening, or to

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