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Amy Gunderson

Dog cuddling, knitflixing, and drinking red wine are just a few of Amy’s favorite things to do (and often does all of these at the same time). She does a variety of freelance work including design, crochet and knit...Read More

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Penny Schumers

Penny Schumers is the designer behind Knit-by-Bit Designs. She has been knitting seriously since June of 2010 and has been addicted ever since. In May of 2012, Penny starting thinking about designing her own patterns which can be found in...Read More

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Nazanin Fard

Nazanin S. Fard is a knitting/crochet designer with more than 700 published designs, dating all the way back to 1992. She started self-publishing some designs in 2007  in an electronic format offered on her...Read More

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Angelia Robinson

Former environmental lobbyist, Angelia Robinson, is a knit and crochet designer residing in Los Angeles. Her playful yet elegant work has been featured in Vogue Knitting: Crochet, Love of Knitting, and Interweave Crochet. Angelia’s creations...Read More

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Ciara Ní Reachtnín

Ciara is an Irish designer, living in the west of Ireland. She likes to promote and use Irish wool and yarn wherever possible, but loves any quality squishy skein. Mammy to three, Ciara also writes about yarny adventures on Read More

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Diane Zangl

Living on the edge of a national wildlife refuge, the changing colors and scenery of the Midwest’s four distinct seasons have a noticeable effect on Diane’s design aesthetic. Her philosophy is that of creating classic, yet current, garments that...Read More

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Rosann Fleischauer

Rosann started knitting when her husband got a boat and decided to take a few weeks and see the coast and she wandered into a local yarn shop during a much needed shore-break. She picked out a book, some yarn and needles to get started, and it...Read More

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Kristen TenDyke

Kristen TenDyke is a knit and crochet designer who lives in Maine. She's a work-at-home mom who spends most of her free time playing with eco-friendly yarns and thinking up seamlessly constructed sweaters. She is the author of Finish-Free Knits...Read More

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Quenna Lee

After designing and producing fabric wallets at Blissful on Etsy, Quenna rediscovered knitting. Tired of reworking patterns, she began designing her own garments, with an emphasis on top down construction, clean...Read More

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Amanda Saladin

Amanda Saladin is a high school teacher, wife, and mom to four amazing little boys. She majored in fashion design at Middle TN State University and finally found her passion with knitwear.  She publishes free patterns at...Read More

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Olya Bagi

Olya Bagi used to work as a translator and an interpreter for an international company, but now she's a full-time housewife and a passionate knitter. She's been knitting for about 10 years now and has been heavily into designing knitwear since...Read More

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Lana Jois

Lana Jois is a doctor by day and loves to knit, crochet and design in her spare time. She is especially fond of lace. Her designs have been featured in Knit Now, Knitscene and Twist...Read More

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Karen Fletcher

Karen Fletcher is a designer and knitter from Ottawa, Canada.  Her love of math and making things made her fall in love with knitting design soon after she learned to knit, she's been selling her designs since 2013.  Her designs can be found at...Read More

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Brenda Castiel

Brenda Castiel has been knitting on and off since she was in her teens but became somewhat obsessed with it in 2007. She loves squishy wools for the short, mild Los Angeles winters, and likes cottons and blends for the rest of the year. Brenda...Read More

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Tian Connaughton

I am the crochet and knitwear designer, and tech editor behind KnitDesigns by Tian. I live in a small town in Western Massachusetts with my fantasy author husband, Daniel and son, Aidan. Teaching is at the heart of how I approach design. While my...Read More

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Jessica Anderson

Jessica M. Anderson started knitting about 8 years ago when her husband thought it was silly to spend $60 on a pair of longies (he has since spent well more than $60 on yarn and knitting supplies!). After spending about a year sample knitting for...Read More

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Vikki Bird

Vikki Bird is a knitwear designer based in North East England. She specialises in bright and bold children's designs, often taking inspiration from the suggestions of her two children, and also likes...Read More

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Mary Beth Temple

Mary Beth Temple is an author and designer of both knitting and crochet patterns. Her work appears frequently in knitting and crochet magazines in the US and UK, and she is also the owner and lead designer for the popular pattern line Hooked for...Read More

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Marie Segares

Marie Segares has been hooked on crochet since she learned from her grandmother when she was 9, and she conquered her fear of knitting in 2010. In addition to designing, Marie teaches both crochet and knitting in the New York City metro area and at...Read More

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Emily Ringelman

Emily Ringelman is a Midwest-born Californian living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she is an LSU scientist studying the viruses that infect sweet potatoes. Her favorite fall activity is stress knitting while yelling at the tv during Patriots...Read More

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Mari Chiba

Mari Chiba picked up knitting again while serving in Armenia as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Her obsession for detail and need to create have made her a passionate knitwear designer. She focuses on classic silhouettes with customized fitting and elegant...Read More

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Chris Hammond

Chris Hammond's background is a bit different than you'd expect, with degrees in Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics and Physics. She's been a meteorologist, a high school math and science teacher and, most recently, a professional knitter. But above...Read More

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Paola Albergamo

Paola is a former software developer who lives in Rome. She is a life-long knitter, but in the last years, she has discovered so many new techniques and constructions! She wants to try them all, to push their boundaries if possible or to mix them...Read More

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Neisha Abdulla

Neisha has a degree in Art & Design and loves working with many different mediums – yarn and fabric included.  Although Neisha has been knitting for over 25 years she has only recently started designing knitwear and is thoroughly enjoying the...Read More

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Ashlee Lackovic

Ashlee Lackovic is a knit designer who lives in the snowy mountains of British Columbia, Canada. She started designing as an independent designer on Ravelry in 2013 after realizing she was truly obsessed with all things knit. She can...Read More

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Alexis Di Gregorio

Alexis Di Gregorio started knitting in 2012, in order to add a hobby to her workaholic life; little did she know knitting would soon become so much more than a hobby. In 2014, she designed her first piece as a favor for a friend, and found her...Read More

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Miranda Jollie

Miranda Jollie is a knit designer living in London, UK. She has been knitting since she was a child and starting designing a few years ago. Designing provides a welcome change from her day job, as a lawyer specializing in criminal law. She designs...Read More

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Heidi Gustad

Heidi Gustad is a knitting, crochet and yarn crafts designer obsessed with primary colors and clean lines. In addition to designing patterns, she blogs, co-hosts the Very Serious Crafts Podcast,...Read More

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Christy Nelson

Christy Nelson has been addicted to yarn for most of her adult life. She started with crochet about 20 years ago and has now added knitting and spinning to her repertoire. An avid traveler, many of her designs are inspired by her visits to other...Read More

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Claire Slade

Claire Slade is a knitwear designer and obsessive baker based in the east of England. She loves to design bright, bold and quirky knitwear with an emphasis on color and texture. You can find her on twitter as @verilyknits and she blogs at Read More

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Melissa Metzbower

Melissa Metzbower, of That Metzbower Girl Designs, has enjoyed knitting since her college days. Her full time job is that of Motherhood, but when she has a free moment, she loves to design. When not knitting, you can find her gardening,...Read More

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Manda Shah

Manda Shah lives in Toronto, Ontario. After taking a break from a career in Information Technology she picked up knitting as a creative hobby and moved on to designing knitted items. She loves to combine lace and cable patterns to create beautiful...Read More

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Sarah Menezes

Sarah Menezes hails from the UK where she has been a knitter since childhood, taught by her mother and grandmother. She once again picked up her needles during university days and hasn’t been able to put them down since! Sarah’s designs focus...Read More

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Kristin Jones

Kristin wants to live in a place where it's not too hot and not too cold, where knitwear is always in season, and where a new project on the needles is never far from hand, combining simplicity and elegance with feminine and modern pieces. Read More

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Kristi Simpson

Kristi Simpson designs creative crochet patterns with a modern and fresh touch. Her patterns are located online on Ravelry, Craftsy, and Etsy. Her designs have been published in international crochet magazines, and are scheduled to be featured in...Read More

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Denise Balvanz

Denise has been knitting, crocheting and sewing since she was a little girl. Over the years Denise has taught many others to knit, crochet and sew and loves to be able to share what she knows about the crafts with others. For 25 years,...Read More

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Stana D. Sortor

Stana D. Sortor’s grandmother taught her how to knit and crochet when she was a little girl. Ever since she took her projects everywhere. Of course she has experienced some sidesteps on her knitting path, like...Read More

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Tabetha Hedrick

Tabetha Hedrick, a freelance knitwear designer and writer raising a family in Colorado, lives by the belief that joy comes when fully participating in the present moment. And that joy is ever so easy to find when immersed in the world of fiber! Her...Read More

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Linda Gäßler

Linda is a native of Southern Germany, located between the east end of the Swabian Alb and the Danube. Her name is pronounced "Linda Gaslr." She is occupied by two cats and a never silent toddler boy when she's not knitting. She continues to knit...Read More

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Michele Dobbins

Michele Dobbins hails from a cozy small town in Arkansas, which she visits between semesters at the University, where she is getting her degree in English Literature. Inspired by her love of musical theatre, reading, and traveling, she likes to...Read More

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Sandi Rosner

Sandi Rosner has been a professional knitter and crocheter for nearly 20 years. She has owned a local yarn shop, been the Creative Director for a large yarn company, and currently works as a designer, tech editor, teacher and writer. Her most recent...Read More

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Jean Clement

A lifelong crafter, Jean enjoys designing knit and crochet projects with a classic style that can be worn for years. Her work has appeared in I Like Knitting/Crochet, Knitscene, knit.wear, Creative Knitting, Love of...Read More

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Nadya Stallings

Nadya grew up in Southern Urals (Russia), the area known for pleasant warm seasons, but quite long and cruel winters. She loves cooking, reading, gardening and listening to music, especially classics. Nadya now lives in NE Ohio, and since 2009 she...Read More

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Stella Egidi

In the previous episode of her life, she was an humanitarian doctor working in developing countries and travelling a lot from place to place. Today, she has settled down in...Read More

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Griselda Zárate

A passionate knitter and crocheter since childhood, Griselda Zárate tries to combine simplicity and elegance in her designs. She lives in Mexico with her family, including two adorable Australian shepherds.  Besides...Read More

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Jessie Rayot

Jessie has been crocheting since her great grandmother first handed her a hook at the age of 8. She started off her professional life as a costume designer/creator/pattern maker. While managing the costume department for Adelphi University (in Long...Read More

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Jayalakshmi M H

I am a budding designer from Mumbai, India. I was a technical writer before I quit work to start my family. I am now a full time mom to super-active twin girls with very little time to spare. In the little precious “me time” that I get, I...Read More

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Nancy Vandivert

Nancy Vandiverr happily admits to being a knitting nerd.  She is ngvandivert on Instagram and Ravelry and her website is...Read More

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Kristina Kittelson

Kristina only started knitting a couple of years ago, but fell hard and fast for the craft. Other than knitting, her hobbies include reading, writing, playing video games until sunrise, and...Read More

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Toby Roxane Barna

Toby Roxane Barna is an independent knitwear designer based in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in 2009, Toby studied knitwear design at the London College of fashion. She is now owns and operates...Read More

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Jessica Potasz

From the time Jessica Potasz was a little girl, she has always enjoyed many forms of art. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a business degree but continued to enjoy painting and a bit of sewing.  However, she has...Read More

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Áine Marriott

Áine Marriott lives in Co. Kildare, Ireland. She has knit toys since she was a child but only began to design them herself after her first child was born in 2008. Now she regularly publishes patterns in US and UK magazines, and also self-publishes...Read More

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Andrea Sanchez

Andrea began designing knitwear patterns for women and children at the beginning of 2013. Since then she has been published in Interweave Knits, Petite Purls, and is working on a book of sweater designs for men and children. She...Read More

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Alice Tang

Tangram Knits features knitwear designs by Alice Tang.  Her designs have been published in leading knitting magazines Interweave Knits, Simple Knitting, Cast On, Knit'N Style and others.  She also designed for Red Heart, Classic Elite,...Read More

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Silke Ufer

Silke Ufer lives in Cologne (Köln), Germany. She started knitting when she was about 6 years old, taught by her Mum and Granny. After joining Ravelry she got addicted to knitting and started designing in 2010. Since then, she publishes about 6...Read More

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Kristen Jancuk

Kristen is the knitwear designer behind MediaPeruana Designs. Her work has been published by Knitty, Knitscene, Neighborhood Fiber Co., and Knit Picks, among others. Kristen lives in Maryland with her husband and two sons and is a rabid fan of the...Read More

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Charles Voth

Charles Voth has crocheted and knit for 45 years. He enjoys exploring how yarn and texture interact to produce versatile fabrics, which he then uses in his designs. He is a crochet diagram illustrator, and a technical editor, designer, and teacher...Read More

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Deb Arch

Since 1998, Debra Arch has had several hundred crochet, knitting, hand-applique, machine sewing, quilting, needle felting, and needlepoint on plastic canvas designs published by various publishers in magazines and pattern books. She also is the...Read More

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Michael Dworjan

Michael Dworjan is a knitwear designer from NYC who specializes in reversibility, double-knitting, and interesting constructions. He is known for his inventions in double-knit lace, reversible cables, and asymmetrical shawls. He has been published...Read More

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Emily Dormier

Emily Dormier is a young knitwear designer from New Jersey. She started knitting at summer camp in 2012 when an injured foot kept her from playing soccer, and her passion has grown from there. Emily enjoys many techniques from color work and double...Read More

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Patons Design

Patons is committed to providing knitters and crocheters with high quality yarns and creative patterns. The Patons website is a great place to learn all about our yarns and to find your next knitting project or crochet project. With a free...Read More

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Tanya Eberhardt

Tanya started her blog Little Things Blogged almost two years ago as she wanted to share her adventures in crocheting and generally crafting. Two years later, she's realized that it's great to have the ability to talk with creative people from all...Read More

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Trelly Hernandez

Trelly Hernandez lives in Spain and is a patchwork and knitting designer. She's also an animal lover and is passionate about crime books and crafts. Trelly started her own hand-dyed yarn small company: Larpeiradas Yarns, and has patterns published...Read More

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Rachel Borello Carroll

Rachel lives and works on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She has been designing knitting and crochet patterns for over ten years and keeps shop at Read More

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Sierra Morningstar

Sierra Morningstar lives in Michigan with her family and pets. She can be found on Ravelry under Mockingbird Lane...Read More

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Kathleen Sperling

Kathleen Sperling learned to knit when she was seven or eight years old. She became seriously obsessed with it in adulthood when she started making baby knits for friends who were expecting. Then she discovered that she loved designing. Knitting...Read More

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Vera Sanon

Vera Sanon learned to knit from her great-grandmother in Germany when she was six years old. Her great-grandmother was a master teacher in all the needle arts, and her mother owned a yarn shop and used to design knitwear. From a young age,...Read More

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Dana Gervais

Dana Gervais is a knitwear designer based in Ontario Canada. She knits. A lot. Dana was taught to knit when she was just a wee girl by her Grandmother. She has been designing knitwear for family friends and pets for many years and enjoys designing...Read More

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Sumayyah Chougle

Sumayyah is a designer living in Pune, India. She loves texture and balance in her designs, which are inspired by patterns and colors from...Read More

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Rachel McKinney

Rachel McKinney is a knitting designer and model knitter. When she isn't knitting she is thinking of patterns that need to be knit. Join her at Read More

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Wencke Pertermann

Wencke Pertermann lives, knits and designs in Leipzig, Germany. Her grandmother taught her to knit when she was 8 years old and she was gripped...Read More

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Emi Harrington

Emi Harrington loves to design knitwear patterns, both crochet and knitting! Using simple methods to obtain a more detailed appearance to finished garments is her focus. As well, she writes the pattern instructions without abbreviations, so they are...Read More

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Tamara Moots

Tamara Moots has more than 70 patterns available through Ravelry, LoveKnitting, Knit Picks, WEBS, Love of Knitting magazine,...Read More

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Tania Richter

Tania Richter, commonly known as AetherFang online, is a double knitting designer with a penchant for the fantastic. She started designing double knitting patterns in college in an attempt to stave off the cold Midwestern winters and now...Read More

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Solène Le Roux​

I live in Paris where I started designing knitwear after studying History and History of Arts. Crafts are for me a family tradition, my grandmother was a professional seamstress and I...Read More

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Melissa Harr

Melissa is an itinerant writer and knitting pattern designer -- she travels constantly in order to draw inspiration from a variety of language, cultures, and people. She is currently based in Europe, where she drinks too much coffee and spends most...Read More

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Joanna Ignatius

I live in a small farm in southern Finland with my dogs. The nature around me with Finland’s changing seasons provide endless inspiration for my designs. Knitting is a bit of a necessity for me like breathing,...Read More

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Ela Torrente

Ela Torrente lives and works with her family in northern Italy. She is a mom, an independent knitwear designer, a yarn maniac and an amateur chef. She publish her knitwear designs on Ravelry since 2010. You can see her designs on her Read More

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Laura Chau

Laura Chau designs modern, comfortable knitting patterns for garments and accessories from her home in Toronto, Canada. She is the author of "Teach Yourself Visually Sock Knitting" and her work has appeared in Knitty, Twist Collective, and Brooklyn...Read More

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Helen Gipson

Helen's grandmother gave her two major passions early in life – knitting and scrabble. After leaving behind the rat race working as a database programmer in London Heathrow to 'retire' to the beautiful Scottish Borders in 2005 she now has the time...Read More

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Marie Godsey

Marie has been knitting since her teens and designing for the past few years. She specializes in accessories. Her work can be found in third party publications most recently Interweave Knits Summer 2015, I Like Knitting February 2015 and...Read More

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Theresa Shingler

Like many knitters while Theresa Shingler learnt to knit as a child, it wasn't until she had children of her own that the knitting bug really took off, she discovered gorgeous wools, modern designs and then later the exciting world of...Read More

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Jessica Gagnon

I knit (and subsequently design) for fun, in my Read More

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Karen Bourquin

Karen lives in a small seaside city on beautiful Vancouver Island in Canada, where she and her husband own and run a busy year round Inn and RV Resort. Her designs have been published in magazines, books and on-line...Read More

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Megan Dial

Megan Dial of AMidWintersKnit has lived all over the US, but now calls the Midwest home. Megan learned to knit and crochet many years ago as a young mother to provide warm clothes and accessories for her children. Now she designs and creates items...Read More

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Jo Harris

Mary Jo Harris lives in the knitting mecca of Madison, WI.  She has been a teacher all of her adult life and has formally taught knitting for the last 10 years at various Sheep and Wool Festivals, Fiber Festivals, Knit-In's, Madison College, and...Read More

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Juliana Lustenader

Juliana “Jules” Lustenader is a San Francisco Bay Area native designer. Her experience working at Imagiknit - the largest knitting store in Northern California - has helped propel her into the world of knitwear...Read More

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Jill Wright

Jill's designs have been published in Creative Knitting, Crochet! Magazine, Interweave Crochet, Knit.1, Love of Knitting, Love of Crochet, KnitStyle, also Vogue Knitting International and Vogue Knitting Crochet. Jill co-authored a Leisure Arts...Read More

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Gabriella Henry

Gabriella Henry is an independent knitwear designer, a soon to be student, avid reader, and busy Mum to 3 girls. Her home in New Zealand provides plenty of inspiration for her designs which combine her love of colour and texture. Find more of...Read More

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Jennifer Raymond

Jennifer Raymond is a knitting and crochet instructor who teaches up and down the East Coast, teaching at fiber festivals and Local Yarn Stores. Jennifer also designs patterns with Interweave, Annie’s, Classic Elite, Knitty, as well as through her...Read More

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Sarah Gomez

Sarah Gomez is a young Christian knitting designer living near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She finds inspiration in books and nature, among other places. You can find more of her work and read her blog at Read More

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Sabrina Miller

Sabrina Miller is a set, costume and puppet designer based in Montreal, Canada. She learned to knit as a child, but it was during her maternity leave that this turned into a passion. It was only time before her addiction to knitting collided with...Read More

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Dana Bincer

Dana Bincer and her twin sister, Deborah Bagley, co-founded in 2012 creating realistic, quirky, and fun crochet patterns. In 2015 she joined the staff...Read More

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Shauna Shiff

Shauna Shiff knits, sews, dyes yarn and hand made clothing in Virginia.  See more of her work at ...Read More

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Corrina Ferguson

Corrina Ferguson didn’t start knitting until she moved to Florida, but fortunately she’s become one of those crazy Florida people who think 60 degrees is cold! Corrina is a knitwear designer, teacher, and author of Warm Days, Cool Knits...Read More

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Mona Zilah

Inspired by the diversity of Los Angeles and the cities she has lived and traveled, Mona strives to make relevant designs that are clever additions to any wardrobe. -...Read More

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Jesse Carpender

Hello, world! I'm Jesse, editor of and Before starting at Prime, I worked as a local reporter covering a wide range of topics in Lake County, Illinois. That job wasn't too different from this one:...Read More

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Katrina King

Katrina has been surrounded by craft her entire life through her great grandmother, grandmothers and mother learning embroidery, cross stitch, crochet and knitting from them. Her friends continue this influence by introducing her to even more. Her...Read More

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Aud Bergo

I live and work in Norway and have been knitting for more than 40 years, but just the last years taken up the interest of making my own pattern. It is a great joy and inspiration to see others making their own lovely...Read More

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Michele Maks

Michele Maks has been a professional in the knit and crochet industry since 1985. Designing knit and crochet wear for 23 years led to becoming the editor of Crochet World, the largest crochet magazine in the world. An MS diagnosis made leaving the...Read More

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Kate Bostwick

Kate Bostwick is a knitwear designer and stay-at-home-mom from Alberta, Canada. She's supremely excited to have finally found a way to combine her love of clothes, knitting, spreadsheets, and...Read More

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Callie Maidhof

Callie Maidhof recently finished knitting her way through grad school, and is thrilled to have relocated to Boston, where she hopes for long winters and armfuls of cashmere. You can find more of her designs on Ravelry:  Read More

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Sophie McKane

Sophie is a knitting designer based in London, UK. Sophie began publishing patterns in 2016 and was Knit Now Magazine’s 2017 New Designer of the year. Sophie’s work has appeared in Knit Now, Knitting Magazine and...Read More

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Mesha McMullen

Mesha is a Midwest transplant living in Washington state with two children, Mason age four and Marie age two. Two furbabies also share her home: eight-year-old cat, Dakota, and brand new German Shepherd puppy, Maxwell Rio. She enjoys being a...Read More

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Suzanne Sjögren

My username on Ravelry is KnittedKharpern and my website is Growing up in a multi-generational household of artists and textile enthusiasts, my earliest memories were learning to sew, knit and embroider from my...Read More

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Deborah Breland

Deborah is a fifty-something reinventing herself and putting her energy into her love of yarn and design. Her specialty is texture and small accessories. She has a lovely and supportive family. She is married to a computer programmer who doubles...Read More

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Denise Lavoie

Denise designs crochet and knitwear as well as paints and creates mixed media art pieces whenever she can.  Her work and designs have been published in books and magazines. You can find her on social media at her blog, Read More

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Tiam Safari

Tiam Safari is a London-based yarn hoarder, cat lover, and general knitting enthusiast, who develops cosmetics and skincare products by day and designs patterns by night. Tiam rediscovered her love of knitting after...Read More

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Megi Burcl

Megi Burcl lives in Ohio with her husband and two young sons. Her favorite pieces to design are graphic accessories using stripes and colorblocking. When not knitting, Megi enjoys coffee. She also enjoys it while...Read More

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Elizabeth Morrison

Elizabeth learned to knit as a child but didn’t really take to it until her late 20s. She rapidly started designing her own personal patterns for the boxy pullovers that were in style in the 80s. In the early 2000’s she began writing patterns...Read More

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Sarah Dawn

Sarah Dawn has been fascinated by knitting since first learning how to knit at the age of 5, and loving (almost all of) it. When she’s not knitting, she’s reteaching herself to crochet and learning to spin. Beyond...Read More

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Renate Kamm

Renate Kamm has been a crafter all her life. Born and raised in Germany, she learned knitting, crocheting, and sewing in school, and never stopped creating. Her marriage brought her to San Diego, California where she is now retired....Read More

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Madeleine Windsor

I am a Brit, married to an Italian, living in Switzerland, with a serious passion for creating with yarn.  I was first taught to knit by my English granny (I still have jumpers she knit me which my daughter now wears).  I rediscovered the skill a...Read More

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Renee West

Renee West is a San Francisco Bay Area transplant from Wisconsin who didn't start knitting until she was 28 years old, though she tried dabbling in crochet (not friends). She is currently a stay-at-home-mom to two boys, Stormageddon (1 year) and...Read More

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Linda Pietz

Linda Pietz was born into a family of artists, but her medium of choice has been fiber after learning to knit at age four. She holds a fine arts degree and has since been designing needlework and teaching art and...Read More

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Adinda Hening

Adinda Hening has always been passionate in handcrafting. She taught herself how to crochet and knit from pattern books. In 2017 she started her journey in writing pattern for her designs. Mostly influenced by her...Read More

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Jen Lucas

I’ve been knitting since 2004 and designing since 2008. I’ve designed lots of knit & crochet patterns for yarn companies and magazines, and I’ve self-published dozens of patterns right here on Ravelry. I’m also the author of 6 knitting...Read More

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Anett Kiefer

Anett is a mother of three, works as a translator and loves to knit. She learned knitting in school, but gave it up for almost 20 years. About 8 years ago she rediscovered her passion for knitting and wool., but started designing knitwear only...Read More

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Linda Browning

Linda Browning has designed over 50 knitting patterns which have been featured in magazines, books, and on many websites. She loves all crafting but is especially fond of lacework. She finds something magical watching the lace grow on her knitting...Read More

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Shayna Kalish

Shayna has been knitting and sewing since she was a teen. Her work has been previously published in Interweave...Read More

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Anjali M

Anjali M. is a web applications developer by day and a knitter, designer and technical editor in her spare time. She took up knitting to give the love of hand knits to her little one and gradually branched into designing. She lives with her husband...Read More

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Mary Dickerson

Mary is a mother of 3, military wife, pattern designer and full-time blogger at She creates both crochet patterns and knitting patterns, but loves all kinds of...Read More

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Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan has been knitting since her aunt first put a pair of straight needles and some squeaky orange acrylic yarn in her hands at the age of 7. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pa., with her husband and daughter and a yarn and fiber stash that seems...Read More

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Emily O’Brien

Emily has been knitting since she was 12 years old. She graduated with a BFA in Theatre Design but decided to utilize her design skills for knitwear design instead. She has been featured in Knit Picks Collections and...Read More

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Kate Barrios

Kate Barrios is a Colombian knitwear designer who loves color and minimalism, combining them both is her modern designs. Kate designs full time, and translates knitting patterns to English and Spanish in her spare...Read More

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Sarah Thieneman

Sarah Thieneman is a knitwear designer who grew up living in Asia. She currently lives and works in the New York City area. Sarah enjoys designing patterns that emphasize intriguing textures to create stylish knits. Her work has been published in I...Read More

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Susan Hanlon

A knitter for nearly 30 years, Susan lives in Scotland and tries to fit in a day-job around her knitting and...Read More

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Heddi Craft

Heddi is a fiber artist and educator living in living with her husband and three children in Santa Cruz, California.  She designs a variety of knitwear focusing on simple shapes and unique design features and teaches...Read More

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Mugdha Manasa

Manasa learned to knit as a kid, but quit soon to focus on formal education. She completed her MBA and worked a corporate career in HR & IT Recruitments for 8 years. Read More

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Jo Bodley

Jo Bodley has had a passion for recycling and designing knitwear since her teens- that’s over forty years!. She likes to use recycled and thrift store bought yarn to bring variety to her stash, on a budget. Her...Read More

Catherine Larkins

Catherine Larkins is retired and lives in beautiful southwest Colorado. She has a BS degree in Home Economics and has knitted and crocheted since she was a teenager.  Since retiring she has organized a stitchery...Read More