Warm fingerless mitts perfect for apple and pumpkin picking

Who says fingerless mitts are only for outdoor chores? Not us! Rosann Fleischauer has designed the gorgeous Azure Dreams Fingerless Mitts for anyone who wants a feminine, lacy pair that will still keep your hands warm.

Fingerless mitts are great for everyday office work, to keep your hands warm as your fingers fly over the keyboard,

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The Shawl Patterns Collection: 5 Trendy Shawl Designs

Dive in and discover something you’ll truly love.

If there’s a perfect wardrobe accessory, it must be the shawl. A lightweight shawl is ideal for summer style. Grab a cozy shawl for an autumn stroll. Or bundle up with a warm wool shawl on chilly winter nights. A shawl goes with almost any outfit you can

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This gorgeous afghan is a showpiece for your home

starry mountains afghan

Knit a statement piece for your home with the Starry Mountains Afghan. This is a bold, geometric afghan that will brighten any corner of the house.

The blanket is knit using the fabulous slip-stitch colorwork technique, which gives you an amazing variety of color throughout while only knitting with one color per row. You’ll be astounded

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The Beginner Collection from I Like Knitting Magazine

Dear Knitting Beginner,

When I began knitting, everything seemed complicated. I must have picked the hardest possible patterns, because veteran knitters would look at me with pity as I tried in vain to salvage what could only be described as a woolen disaster. What I didn’t understand, but soon learned, is that there’s a lot more

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Knit Blankets to Make Your Home Cozier

There’s a very simple way to make your home cozy and inviting. All you need is some yarn, some knitting needles, and the patterns you get when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club today!

Spring, summer, fall, or winter, there’s nothing like a cozy home. Even the fanciest home in town is lacking if

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Namaste Knit Yoga Socks

Namaste Knit Yoga Socks

Ever wish you could wear socks while you’re practicing yoga? Now you can! Find out more when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club today!

It’s not very common to wear socks when you’re practicing yoga. They tend to slip and then you can’t focus on your pose or movements. But what happens when you’re

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A Perfect Shoulder Bag For Any Occasion

Are you ready to start knitting the perfect spring shoulder bag? You can start right away when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club today!

We’ll admit it. Finding the perfect shoulder bag is a moment for celebration. You know the feeling. It’s just big enough, but not too big. It hangs perfectly. And it’s

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The Dog Days of Summer and Fall Knitting Collection

I’ve never met a dog who wasn’t cute. I’ve also never met a dog who didn’t look even cuter in a hand-knitted sweater. You just can’t go wrong with a little Terrier in a bandana or a lab with a scarf. And don’t tell me a Bernese Mountain Dog doesn’t look more dignified with a

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