Knit These Wool Adirondack Mountain Socks Today

Is there anything better than a warm, soft pair of socks on a cold winter morning? It certainly is easier to get out of bed when you have a nice layer of Merino wool between your feet and a chilly floor! On our days off, we love sliding these Adirondack Mountain Socks on from our

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Free Pattern for Knit Ear Savers

This is a simple half an hour project that might help your ears while wearing the face mask for long hours. Use cotton yarn to make it easy to care for and make it double to keep the ear saver from stretching too much.

Time: Half Hour Project

Skill Level: Beginner

Size: 7″ (18 cm) long.

Gauge: 20 sts and

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WOW! Princess Diana-Inspired Lace Scarf

You’ll be quite chuffed after you knit up this lace beauty! Lana Jois has put together a pretty scarf that you’ll want to take with you on all of your travels.

With its easy lace pattern, England Awaits Scarf works up stunningly. The pattern wanders across the scarf and back, giving it an almost watery sense

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Up your boot-cute with these cabled boot cuffs

Spice up your favorite boots with these cabled boot cuffs. These pretties add the look of stylish socks without adding the bulk. Starting and ending with a few rows of ribbing, Lattice Boot Cuffs knit up quickly in the round with worsted-weight yarn.

The lattice cable pattern is perfect for the advanced beginner—you can practice your

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Add a spark of the Southwest to your home

Wrap yourself in the warmth of the Southwest. The Arizona Afghan embodies the beauty of the Arizona desert, with its energetic oranges, greens, and blues.

The Southwest motif appears before your eyes as you knit this one-panel combination of interesting stitch patterns. You’ll linen stitch, colorwork, and even a bit of intarsia.

Linen stitch makes up the

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These Cranberry Harvest Socks are comfortable and gorgeous.

Inspired by the gorgeous shade of perfectly ripe cranberries, these socks will delight anyone who enjoys knitting gorgeous patterns.

The Cranberry Harvest Socks stitch design is made up of simple increases and decreases, so even advanced-beginners who can follow a chart will be able to knit up this pretty pair.

Designer Penny Shumers is well-known for her

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