Dear Knitter,

I have what feels like dozens of knitting projects in various stages of completion. I’ve started some of them, put a few aside until “later” (whenever that is), and completely lost track of others.

When I see an inspiring knitting project, I start planning it in my head: the yarn I need, the colors I’ll choose, the right size needles for the project, and the time I’ll need to finish it.

And sometimes—just sometimes—I lose track of a project or two in the small forest of yarn bags around my home. You probably know what it’s like to have yarn bag creep: that slow, relentless proliferation of more and more yarn bags, each holding a potential project. I will admit to having a few more yarn bags than I did last year—but I was inspired!

After talking with some of my fellow knitters, I discovered that my situation is far from unique; it kind of comes with the knitting territory. But I started all those projects for a reason; I need to finish them. And it’s time to get organized!

FREE Knitting Project Planner: Track your knitting projects so you stay organized!

We put our heads together here at I Like Knitting and brainstormed a way to keep track of all our knitting projects—and to help you do the same. The result is our 50-page Knitting Project Planner, chock full of detailed pages to help you organize your knitting projects.

Pretty. Printable. Portable.

I used to keep my projects in a notebook. But eventually, I ran out of pages mid-project, or I needed to add more information after I’d started a project—and I didn’t have enough space to squeeze that new info in.

To develop the Knitting Project Planner, our team went through the whole knitting project process—from beginning to end—to make sure we weren’t missing any steps. And then we put together this pretty project planner for you to use—anytime, anywhere.

Print out your Knitting Project Planner, put it in a binder, and keep it in your main yarn bag—or print out just the pages you need and keep them with each specific project. Each project has its own number. And there’s a Project Log at the beginning of the planner, where you can list each project. Never lose track of a knitting project again! This Knitting Project Planner includes:

  • Project Log
  • Pattern Checklist
  • Project Planning Pages
  • Pattern Notes
  • Row Counter
  • 4 detailed pages for each project
  • Track 12 projects at once
  • Print just the pages you need
  • Keep a copy with each project

Get your knitting projects under control with the Knitting Project Planner from I Like Knitting.

FREE Knitting Project Planner: Everything you need to stay organized with every knitting project!

This 50-page Knitting Project Planner can help you plan and track up to a dozen projects at a time!

  • Project Log. One page to track up to a dozen projects. List the project, plus the start and end dates.
  • Pattern Checklist. From picking a pattern to saving a picture of the finished project, all the essential steps are right here. It’s so convenient to have that list on one page!
  • Planning Page. Record the pattern name, add a description, and then fill in the details—needle size, yarn weight, yardage, notions, and more! There’s even a spot waiting for you to add a picture of the finished project.
  • Pattern Notes. You get plenty of space to add other details about your project: maybe you’ll add the yarn label or your swatch (or both!). It’s important to know how to care for your project once it’s finished. We’ve included the standard icons for washing, drying, ironing, and more. Just circle the ones that apply to your current project.
  • Row Counter. Some people can just dive into a knitting project and keep a running row count in their head. For the rest of us, the Knitting Project Planner includes a row counter. Just tick off each row as you go!

FREE Knitting Project Planner: Save time and money with this practical resource!

When you use the Knitting Project Planner, you’ll save time and money.

Whenever you need to reference a knitting project, you’ll have all the details at-hand in a minute! Your fellow knitters will be impressed with how organized you are about all your projects. Don’t waste time trying to recall from memory the specific needle sizes a particular project required … or what type of yarn you used … because it’s all documented in your Knitting Project Planner.

And when you use the Knitting Project Planner to track and manage your knitting projects, you’ll avoid costly mistakes that waste materials and your time! Ensure your own knitting efficiency with this planning tool.

Get the Knitting Project Planner from I Like Knitting today—and get your knitting projects organized!


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Caitlin Eaton
Editor, I Like Knitting Magazine

P.S. Act now to get your FREE printable, feature-packed Knitting Project Planner from I Like Knitting!


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