These Cranberry Harvest Socks are comfortable and gorgeous.

Inspired by the gorgeous shade of perfectly ripe cranberries, these socks will delight anyone who enjoys knitting gorgeous patterns.

The Cranberry Harvest Socks stitch design is made up of simple increases and decreases, so even advanced-beginners who can follow a chart will be able to knit up this pretty pair.

Designer Penny Shumers is well-known for her

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Add a spark of the Southwest to your home

Wrap yourself in the warmth of the Southwest. The Arizona Afghan embodies the beauty of the Arizona desert, with its energetic oranges, greens, and blues.

The Southwest motif appears before your eyes as you knit this one-panel combination of interesting stitch patterns. You’ll linen stitch, colorwork, and even a bit of intarsia.

Linen stitch makes up the

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Cozy Up With the Auberon Cabled Hat

There’s nothing more heart-warming (and head-warming) than a handmade hat. Get five brand new knit hat patterns when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club today!

Did you know that the average low temperature for April in parts of Kentucky is only in the low 40s? In Colorado, lows can be in the 30s in

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These Ginger Fox Socks Are As Cute As Can Be

Get five patterns for comfy, cozy socks right now when you join the I Like Knitting Gold Club today!

Oh. My. Gosh! This pattern might be the cutest ever! That’s no small statement, either. You don’t have to go far to find cuteness in the knitting world. But these Ginger Fox Socks? They are adorable. And

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15 New Patterns (Just in Time for Fall!)

Your October 2020 Issue of I Like Knitting Magazine is Ready
From plush and cozy to soft and striped, these hats, wraps, and scarves are sure to be on everyone’s most-wanted list this fall. They’re all yours as part of your I Like Knitting Gold Club Membership!

Is autumn the best season for knitting? I do know

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Your Staycation Style: Travel Bug Top

The perfect summer knit top can be elusive, but we think we’ve cornered it in Diane Zangl’s Travel Bug Top.

Knit up this top in your favorite summer color and take it with you on all of your adventures. It’s a great layer over a tank or swimsuit top; you’ll love it with all of your

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WOW! Princess Diana-Inspired Lace Scarf

You’ll be quite chuffed after you knit up this lace beauty! Lana Jois has put together a pretty scarf that you’ll want to take with you on all of your travels.

With its easy lace pattern, England Awaits Scarf works up stunningly. The pattern wanders across the scarf and back, giving it an almost watery sense

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Warm fingerless mitts perfect for apple and pumpkin picking

Who says fingerless mitts are only for outdoor chores? Not us! Rosann Fleischauer has designed the gorgeous Azure Dreams Fingerless Mitts for anyone who wants a feminine, lacy pair that will still keep your hands warm.

Fingerless mitts are great for everyday office work, to keep your hands warm as your fingers fly over the keyboard,

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The Shawl Patterns Collection: 5 Trendy Shawl Designs

Dive in and discover something you’ll truly love.

If there’s a perfect wardrobe accessory, it must be the shawl. A lightweight shawl is ideal for summer style. Grab a cozy shawl for an autumn stroll. Or bundle up with a warm wool shawl on chilly winter nights. A shawl goes with almost any outfit you can

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