Tag: Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Catching Butterflies Socks

This beautiful self-striping yarn is reminiscent of butterflies, fluttering about through the wildflowers. Never staying in one place, and moving along so fast, you can hardly keep your eyes focused on one spot of color of their wings. Featuring a butterfly-inspired center stitch, these colorful socks will remind you of nature’s beauty each time you wear them.

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Lavande Shawl

A crescent, sideways shawl is the pattern you’ll be excited to knit in anticipation of chilly spring days. The colorway features lavender and mint hues for a refreshing addition to your spring wardrobe.

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Cranberry Harvest Socks

The shade of ripened cranberries just before their fall harvest inspired the deep color of these socks. Not only does the yarn have just the right pop of fall flair, the distinctive stitch pattern will make you glad to kick off those shoes and show off your cozy style.

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Citrine Shawl

Versatile and textured, this lacy crescent shawl can be worn with so many different outfits, from a casual tee to a date-night dress. Worked from the bottom up, this shawl is the perfect knit embodiment of the lovely topaz gem.

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Succulent Leaves Shawl

This is a sideways shawl that was inspired by a unique leaf stitch pattern that is reminiscent of beautiful leaves seen on succulents. The shawl is crescent shawl with a thick cable atop the lace border even pretty enough to be flower petals.

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Lighthouse Socks

Because they are constructed to withstand powerful storms, lighthouses are frequently depicted as symbols of strength, shelter, protection and peace. This stitch pattern reflects a strong pillar accented by two twisting “waves.”

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