The Shawl Patterns Collection
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Welcome to our exquisite collection of knit shawl patterns, where beauty, versatility, and creativity unite to bring you a world of captivating accessories. Each pattern in this collection has been thoughtfully selected to celebrate the artistry of knitting and inspire you to create stunning knit shawls that reflect your unique style.

Begin your shawl knitting journey with the “Kali Stripes Beginner Shawl.” This pattern is perfect for those new to shawl knitting, offering a simple yet captivating design. Embrace the joy of working with stripes and let this shawl be your gateway to a world of endless knitting possibilities.

Escape to a serene mountain retreat with the “Mountain Retreat Shawl.” Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes and tranquility of the mountains, this pattern combines gorgeous stitch patterns with cozy comfort, creating a shawl that will keep you warm and stylish on your own personal retreat.

Experience the beauty of nature with the “Succulent Leaves Shawl.” Inspired by the intricate shapes and rich colors of succulent plants, this pattern will transport you to a lush garden oasis. Embrace the tranquility of nature as you knit this captivating shawl.

Each pattern in this collection invites you to embark on a knitting adventure, where stitches become stories and yarn becomes art. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced knitter, there is a shawl pattern for every skill level and personal style. Wrap yourself in the elegance and allure of these designs, and let your creativity soar as you knit beautiful shawls that will accompany you on life’s journey.


This cozy triangular shawl is easy to make and wonderful to wear. The whole pattern is created using the garter stitch which makes it a breeze to work up! Complete with tassels to add some funky flair, this fun shawl is simple enough for a beginner but beautiful enough for knitters of all skill levels to love. Read More 

If you’ve planned a vacation to the mountains recently, you know you’ll need a few extra layers to keep you warm at nights. This triangular shawl captures the twilight hues of a night spent under the stars and has other popular knitting features as well, such as I-cord edging and alternating blocks of lace and garter. Read More 

Take a brisk walk in the park with this stylish shawl. This is a fun little knit that is an easy to memorize pattern that is knit flat on a circular needle to accommodate the stitches as the piece is knit. Read More 

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