Tag: Longer Days Lighter Layers

Feather Light Shawl

Light as a feather, this shawl is the perfect accent to your summer outfit. The final shawl is so light that it almost feels like you are holding nothing at all. This is an exquisite shawl that will be the envy of your friends.

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Change of Scenery Wrap

This is a gorgeous wrap knit in two different lace patterns. The Flemish Braid pattern is worked on both sides and the center panel is elfin lace pattern. These two patterns complement each other to create a wonderful cohesive look. Both ends are decorated with a Flemish braid and for a finishing touch fringe is added at both ends.

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All in Good Sun Shawl

This is a sideways shawl that was inspired by the feeling of the warmth of the sun as you lift your head up to the sky. This bold, bright, beautiful skein of Knit Picks Stroll Tonal yarn has tonal coloring that can be found in any morning sunrise. The shawl is slender crescent shape with a border of sunshine rays.  

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Elderberry Leaves Cardigan

The charming lace pattern on this lightweight cardigan is fun and challenging to knit. The body and sleeve saddles are joined with a decorative I-cord edging for a finished, tailored look. Have a special button you’ve been waiting for just the right project? This may be it!

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