Tag: Step Brightly into Spring

Catching Butterflies Socks

This beautiful self-striping yarn is reminiscent of butterflies, fluttering about through the wildflowers. Never staying in one place, and moving along so fast, you can hardly keep your eyes focused on one spot of color of their wings. Featuring a butterfly-inspired center stitch, these colorful socks will remind you of nature’s beauty each time you wear them.

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Leaf Socks

These socks feature a simple lace pattern, and are ankle length to make them even more appropriate for spring. The picot cuff adds a delicate detail that’s perfect for the season. The socks are knit from the toe up, with a gusset and slipped stitch heel flap.

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Run to the Light Socks

The colors in this pair of socks evoke the lush greenery along the beach while the special twist and cross stitches add delicate details along the entire sock. Warm, vivid colors and an intermediate design help make this sock a summertime favorite.

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Sand in the Hourglass Socks

This toe-up sock pattern is reminiscent of taking a quiet walk on the beach at low tide, watching the waves of water coast onto shore and then rock back out to sea. The golden self-striping yarn adds a hint of fluidity to the pattern, like watching the sand slip through an hourglass.

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