June 2015: Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor

Growing up, summer was always the end goal to a long school year. Summer was the promise that if I made it through all my classes and got good grades, I’d have three whole months of vacation to do whatever my little heart desired. I remember these times fondly. When I wasn’t chasing my brother around our backyard playing a game of tag or hot lava, I’d spend many nights staying over at friend’s houses. We formed our own sort of summer club, staying up as late as our parents would allow and roasting s’mores on giant fires my dad built in the backyard. Back then, it seemed like months stretched into years; I had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted, free and open in the warm glow of the sun. As an adult, I work during the summer, but even without the extended time off, summer still fills me with a renewed energy — the same kind I had when I was young. It has to do with summer’s endless possibilities. Summer means a time to get everyone together again, whether that’s to share some tea sandwiches and lemonade in the backyard or preparing a giant barbecue feast for a family reunion. It means evenings spent knitting on the porch, enjoying the gorgeous sunset with good company, or taking the dog out for an early morning stroll before running off to do errands. Of course, along with more gatherings and time spent outdoors comes a need for fresh accessories and colorful new clothes to bring in this change of season.

In this invigorating issue, we’ve collected some of the best summer-friendly projects to help make your season a memorable one. From the inventive Open Front Kimono that works in unexpected touches of lace, to the breathtaking Mogra Shawl whose intricate lace design mimics the delicate Mogra buds, a flower which blooms at the beginning of summer, you’ll find everything you’ll need to welcome the warmer weather. If kimonos aren’t your cup of tea, we have plenty of summer-ready shawls, scarves and tops inside this issue, including the English Lace Scarf and Fresh Raspberry Tank. Dive in; find your next favorite pattern and start knitting.


Happy spring,

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