Knit Lit

Beaded Lace Knitting: Techniques and 25 Beaded Lace Designs for Shawls, Scarves & More

Beaded Lace Knitting, by Anniken Allis, walks you through the basics of knitting lace, including the potentially tricky aspect of reading charts. Once you’ve mastered the basic techniques, discover how easy it is to add beads to delicate lacework to create gorgeous embellished shawls, sweaters, ponchos and more. Each of the 25 unique and varied patterns has step-by-step, full color photos to guide you through the pattern from start to finish.

Paperback, 144 Pages, $24.95, 978-0811714570

Colorwork Knitting: 25 Spectacular Sweaters, Hats, and Accessories

Colorwork knitting can be a tricky concept to master for even the most experienced of knitters. Luckily for you, Sarah E. White has written out a fantastic guide. In Colorwork Knitting, striping, slip stitch, intarsia, stranding and striping with self-striping yarn are thoroughly explained and accompanied by step-by-step photos and instructions. Learn the ins and outs of these techniques before exploring the 25 included patterns to try out what you’ve learned by working on sweaters, hats, socks and mittens, among others. Plus, learn some tips on how to choose the best colors to complement each other when making your yarn selections.

Paperback, 114 Pages, $21.95, 978-0811714143

Increase, Decrease: 99 Step-by-Step Methods; Find the Perfect Technique for Shaping Every Knitting Project

Increases and decreases are so important when working up shaped garments, yet they can be tricky to master. The key is to have a garment lay a certain way against your body and not end up too boxy or shapeless, but getting the number of increases or decreases just right can be tricky. Plus, there are different methods depending on whether you’re shaping sleeves, shaping lace or increasing or decreasing tops and sweaters. Judith Durant, in Increase, Decrease, walks you through 99 different step-by-step methods with full photographs to show you not only how to work that specific stitch but also when to use it.

Spiral-bound, 256 Pages, $16.95, 978-1612123318

Warm Days, Cool Knits: Lighter Designs for Every Season

Summer is fast approaching, but don’t worry – you can still knit weather-appropriate knitwear despite the warmer weather! By switching over from chunkier yarn weights and darker colorways to light weight styles and brighter and bolder colors, you can knit for the summer with ease. Plus, fall and winter designs, like a hat and scarf set and a hoodie all made with the same type of lightweight yarn, are featured here too. Add some versatility to your wardrobe with Warm Days, Cool Knits and have a go-to pattern for every season.

Paperback, 144 Pages, $24.99, 978-1620338520