August 2020: Table of Contents

The weather is warm, the sun is shining and backyards are ready for all this season has to offer – homemade meals by campfires, nights spent chasing fireflies and evenings spent sipping cooled lemonade on the outside patio. Before we know it, fall will be knocking at our door. Until then, it’s time to soak in all the beauty this season has to offer, as we also prepare for what’s ahead.
Featuring 15 projects for warm days and cool nights, this issue is just what you need to keep those knitting needles clicking during these next few months. Start by making one of our favorite patterns: the Olive Flare Top (on the cover). Featuring gorgeous drape, simple stitches and a slightly flared hem, this bell-shaped top is destined to be a classic.

Looking for something timeless and striking? Our Stunning Styles section won’t disappoint! Boasting five patterns with high contrasting hues, you’ll discover new socks, a scarf, a mini purse, cardigan and a top that you’ll be grabbing all season long!
Plus, don’t forget your doggie pals! From a dog cowl (that includes a matching pattern for the owner), to a simple bandana and an adorable dog collar bow, we’ve got a little something for every dog this summer!


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Step 1: Hold secondary needle behind and slightly below the right hand needle. Step 2: Insert right hand needle the first stitch on left hand needle knitwise, then bring yarn between left hand & secondary needles. Step 3: Bring yarn between left and right hand needles as if to knit, then bring yarn in front… Read More 

Step 1: Slide stitches back onto secondary needle. Fold with purl sides in, secondary needle in back, and left hand stitches pushed backward. Step 1 continued: Back side view. Step 2: Insert right hand needle knitwise through the first stitch on the left needle and then the first stitch on the secondary needle. Step 3:… Read More