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A Note from the Editor

“Life starts all over again, when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is about autumn, but it’s the type of season that recharges me. Something about the air – that hint of coldness, the crackle of fallen leaves – that transports me back into my childhood. From tractor-led hay rides to sipping warm apple cider from the local pumpkin farm, I’d look forward to the shift in seasons each year, even though it meant returning back to school after long, lazy months in the summer sunshine.

Growing up on five acres filled with multiple maple trees, the leaves would pile up quickly. My brother and I would “help” our dad clear up the leaves by sweeping a massive pile underneath our favorite tree, the one with a strong branch that was just low enough for our little arms and legs to hold onto. We’d make the pile as big and as high as we could and then destroyed it. We’d dive into the pile from the side. We’d climb the tree branch and flop down onto our backs and our sides. We’d laugh and throw leaves at each other and into the sky – a flurry of red, yellow and brown cascading down around us. It was a childlike liberation that I’ve always associated with the season, and a feeling that the first cool breeze brings swirling back to memory each year.

It’s with this new sense of purpose, that we gathered a must-have selection of fall favorites to knit for the changing weather. After all, if you’re going to head out and make new fall memories, you’ll need the proper attire! From classic pieces like the Apple Picking Cardigan (shown on the cover) and the gorgeous Change of Lace Shawl to fun items for the home like playful Pumpkin Pouf, you’ll discover a wide variety of patterns that will fill you with that genuine, childlike excitement we all remember from our youth.

Plus, don’t miss the beautiful Aztec Poncho by Amy Gunderson. We first premiered this design at the STITCHES Midwest show in Schaumburg, IL this past August. This is the first time the pattern has been released! Trust us; it’s a keeper.

Happy knitting,

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