Knit Picks

Birch Wood Yarn Swift

Cost: $39.99

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Tired of tugging at knots and avoiding buying hanks of yarn for fear of the inevitable winding? What you need is a yarn swift that can efficiently and painlessly help you wind those balls of yarn and put them to work. Made with birch wood and designed to store easily, it’s the perfect knitting accessory to help you stay organized and focused on your projects. It can open up to six feet in circumference and spins with ease.

Flying Colors of the Storm Stitch Markers

Cost: $12.00

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These handmade stitch markers are mesmerizing, with their swirling streaks of bright color. Designed so as not to catch on your yarn, they shine with a marble-like quality, the large bead embraced on either side by smaller vintage pearlized beads. Each stitch marker is dipped by hand and uniquely crafted; as a matter of fact, most of the beads come from older jewelry pieces. These will fit up to size 6.0 mm needles, so add this to your wish list to bring glamor to the entire knitting process.

Nerdy Knit Kit Subscription Box

Cost: $36 for one month

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Harnessing the power of presents, knitting, and delightfully nerdy themes all in one package, this subscription box is like opening the door to find your favorite cast of characters on your doorstep. Each month, a particular theme is chosen and then the box is packed with matching surprises, which can include combinations of felted soap bars, skeins of Lady Purl Design yarn, original knitting patterns, samples, and more. From the musical Hamilton to Batman to Doctor Who, there is no fandom stone unturned when it comes to fulfilling all your nerdy knitting dreams.



Purple Point Protector for Knitting Needles

Cost: $8.95+

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As nice as it would be to knit from morning to night, things tend to come up and rest breaks are needed. Thanks to these point protectors, you don’t have to be afraid to step away from your knitting work because you might lose your valuable stitches. These protectors will cap your needles and keep everything right where you left it, while also making sure nothing gets poked by the ends. Plus, you can make sure your point protectors look as fabulous as your knitted project—the delicate floral designs and brilliant purple coloring truly set these apart.