Plum Trellis Scarf

This vibrant Plum Trellis Scarf design uses an original pattern stitch called Triangle Lace. Paired with a wool-and-bamboo-blend yarn, this pattern stitch creates a supple, summery scarf that will transition with you into the fall!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: One size – 5½” x 70″ (14 cm x 177.8 cm)

Gauge: 7 sts (1 repeat) = 1.58″ (4 cm) and 6 rows (1 repeat) = 1″ (2.5 cm)


Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo (80% bamboo sourced viscose, 20% wool; 104 yards [95 meters]/50 grams): #179 Plumptious (3 balls)
Needles: US size 3 (3.25 mm) straight or long circular needles to knit back and forth, US size D/3 (3.25 mm) crochet hook; or sizes needed to obtain gauge
Notions: Stitch markers, blocking board, rust-proof pins and/or blocking wires


Cco: chain cast-on
Pm: place marker
Js: J stitch (see Special Stitches)
BED: “Bunny Ears” decrease (see Special Stitches) 

Special Stitches

Modified Chain Cast-On: (This is the normal chain cast-on with yarnovers added before some of the stitches to allow for the large lace openings.) Where specified, take yarn under needle to back, up back of needle, then over and around needle. The yarn will now be in position for the next chain. This counts as one stitch.
J stitch: (This lifts up and secures the strand from the slipped stitch in the previous row.) Insert needle into next st p-wise, then scoop up the strand remaining from the slipped st in the previous row from the top. Insert left needle towards the back and p2tog.
Bunny Ears decrease: (This little known technique is used when the symmetry of a pattern would be compromised by a standard single decrease. It makes 3 sts into 2.)  P2tog leaving 2nd st on needle, ssp with next st on LN.

Lace Pattern Stitch

Row 1 (WS): P2, (k1, p1, k1) in one st dropping 2nd wrap, p3. (8 sts)
Row 2: K2, yo, ssk, sl1 p-wise wyib, k2tog, yo, k1.
Row 3: P3, JS, p4.
Row 4: K3, yo, sl2-k1-p2sso, yo, k2.
Row 5: P2, BED, p3. (7 sts)
Row 6: K1, yo, sssk, 2yo, k3tog, yo. (8 sts) 

Pattern Notes

Because the pattern stitch is strongly directional, each side of the scarf starts at the center back so that the pattern appears the same on both ends. To avoid the jog caused by a provisional cast-on, a chain cast-on is used. Stitches for the second half are picked up in the chains.
The finished scarf is bordered with two rounds of crochet slip stitch.
The best strategy for joining new yarn is to do it at the edges, even if you need to undo part of a row. Tie the ends together; you can undo the knots later, if you prefer, once the edging is put on.
In Row 1, 3 sts are made into the double yo of the previous row.
Marker placement corresponds to the asterisks in the pattern and the vertical lines on the chart. 


First Half

Cco 1, *pm, cco3, yo, cco3; repeat from * 2 times, pm, cco1, put rem chain on needle. (24 sts)
Row 1 (WS): P2, *p2, (k1, p1, k1) into double stitch dropping second wrap, p3; repeat from * across twice, p1. (27 sts)
Row 2: K1, *k2, yo, ssk, sl1 p-wise wyib, k2tog, yo, k1; repeat from * across twice, k2.
Row 3: P2, *p3, JS, p4; repeat from * across twice, p1.
Row 4: K1, *k3, yo, sl2-k1-p2sso, yo, k2; repeat from * across twice, k2.
Row 5: P2, *p2, BED, p3, repeat from * across twice, p1. (24 sts)
Row 6: K1,*k1, yo, sssk, 2yo, k3tog, yo; repeat from * across twice, k2.
Rows 7-203: Work an additional 34 repeats, or until desired length, ending last repeat with row 5. Bind off loosely in knit on RS. Fasten off.

Second Half

With RS facing, start as close to corner as possible. Knit up a stitch in first chain, *pm, k up st in 3 chains, k up st in the longer chain wrapping twice, k up st in each of next 2 chains; repeat from * across twice, pm, k up st in rem 2 chains. (24 sts including double wraps)
Continue as for first half of scarf.


Wet scarf thoroughly. Stretch and pin to 70″ (177.8 cm) long and as wide as possible, about 5¾” (14.6 cm). Allow to dry thoroughly.
Join yarn at one of the corners before a long edge. Crochet sl st between the outermost and second stitch down the whole side. (Adjust your hook and/or tension so that the edge neither cups nor ruffles. Also, remember that the direction of the second stitch in will change at the center start.) Ch 1 at corner, and continue with sl st under the bind-off chains. Ch 1 at the corner and continue for rem 2 sides. Cut yarn and join last st to first st. Do a second round of slip stitch between the first round and the outer edge. Join first and last sts as before. Darn in all ends.
Lay the scarf face down. Spray the edges with water and press them flat with your fingers. Allow to dry.

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  • Fran R.

    This will be my next knitting project , after I finish my wee 3x Double ended needle Dragon!

  • Shirley E.

    Where do I find out what a chain cast on is? I don’t remember ever hearing of it before. This scarf is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Marilyn

    Special Stitches should be explained in pattern as they are not available in the pattern and not easy to find.

  • Sally T.

    I am not able to download this beautiful pattern. Can you send it to me via email? Thanks so much.

  • Thanks for making this available to us. I am looking forward to trying the pattern.

  • This pattern is beautiful! Thanks so much for the pattern! HUGS!!!

  • Lorene F.

    This scarf is absolutely lovely! I cannot wait to make it! Thanks so much for sharing!


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