New Knitting books for Winter 2024

Dive into the rich tapestry of knitting and discover a world where creativity, tradition, and innovation intertwine. These new knitting books celebrate the artistry and diversity, each offering a unique perspective and a gateway to honing knitting skills or embarking on a new knitting adventure. From machine knitting techniques exploring texture and dimension to vibrant patterns inspired by cultural traditions, cozy Arctic knits, and beginner-friendly guides, these books will serve as a compass, guiding you through a spectrum of knitting possibilities.

Texture and 3D Effects (Machine Knitting Techniques)

by Amber Hards

Amber Hards’ book is a playground for machine knitters, inspiring confidence and creativity through traditional methods. It’s a comprehensive guide showcasing various techniques and providing step-by-step instructions, perfect for both intermediate and experienced knitters seeking tactile and exciting knitwear experiments.

Knit Latvian Mittens: 19 Projects with Traditional Latvian Patterns to Knit

by Motoko Ishikawa

Motoko Ishikawa’s collection celebrates the artistry of traditional Latvian patterns, offering vibrant designs not just for mittens but also for a range of wearable items. With detailed graphic instructions and a colorful presentation, this book empowers knitters to create exquisite pieces while mastering unique knitting techniques.

The Sock Project: Colorful, Cool Socks to Knit and Show Off

by Summer Lee

Summer Lee’s vibrant collection of sock patterns is a visual feast, encouraging knitters of all levels to embrace vivid colors and bold designs. From basic to intricate, the book’s 18 patterns and progressive skill-building approach make it a lively and educational journey through the world of sock knitting.

Beginner’s Guide to Knitting, The: Easy techniques and 8 fun projects

by Lynne Rowe

Lynne Rowe’s beginner-friendly guide is a reassuring companion for novices, offering essential tips, easy-to-follow projects, and a gradual skill-building approach. With Lynne’s clear instructions and welcoming tone, aspiring knitters will swiftly gain confidence and craft eight contemporary projects, each enhancing their skills and understanding of knitting techniques.

Arctic Knits: Jumpers, Socks, Mittens and More

by Chan Weichien

Chan Weichien’s book transports readers to the Arctic through its cozy and gender-neutral patterns inspired by the region’s landscapes and cold climates. Featuring simple yet timeless designs, expert advice, and inclusive sizing, it’s a window into Arctic life, offering warmth and style for any winter adventure.

  • Micheline V.

    I am very disappointed you are definitely not as interesting as in 2022. You no longer have diversity. Not as much intermediate knitting projects

    • Nicola P.

      Hi! 9 out of the 15 new patterns for February 2024 are intermediate patterns. Is there a type of project that you wish to see more of? We strive to purchase a variety of patterns for each issue. – Nicola, Editor


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