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Soft Contrast Cardigan

Longline cardigans are the perfect casual piece to have on hand for quick trips out of the house or cozying up with a cup of coffee. This cardigan utilizes marling yarn for a nice blocked look to create the soft contrast between the cream and the black. Try colored marling yarn for a similar and vibrant effect.

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Mod Mini Purse

Mini purses are trending and this mod mini purse is the knitter’s version of this tiny trend. Using colorwork to create sleek and angled lines between shades of white, gray and black, this is an excellent project for beginner intarsia knitters.

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Lead The Wave Welted Cowl

This welted cowl is knit in the round with a special two-needle welting technique that’s used to create attractive 3D elements. Small cowls like these are great for practicing new techniques. Plus, this accessory is ideal for weather in between seasons.

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High Contrast Top

This high contrast top is modern and fresh. The linen blend yarn gives the top a good drape for casual or dressed-up styles. Easily adjust for longer or shorter length with this pattern to your liking.

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Zebra Set

Just as a zebra’s stripes merge and divide so does the colorwork in this striking set. The brim of the hat starts with a waste yarn tubular cast on to give a stretchy edge followed by deep ribbing, which allows it to be worn either as a close-fitting beanie or as a hat with more slouch.

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Checkmate Cowl

Spice up entrelac knitting and make the squares look like a chessboard all set up for playing. The various chess pieces are worked using the intarsia technique with some stranded knitting for finer details.

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