Paola Albergamo


Paola is a former software developer who lives in Rome. She is a life-long knitter, but in the last years, she has discovered so many new techniques and constructions! She wants to try them all, to push their boundaries if possible or to mix them together in unusual ways: Why not combine the brioche stitch with short rows? Or top-down construction sideways? Or lace with colorwork? Or...

Her style and taste favor interesting and/or funny knits to show humor, but the thing she loves most is simply to play and have fun with yarn. Her patterns have been published in Knitty, Knotions, and I Like Knitting.

Projects by Paola Albergamo

Boccioli Infinity Scarf

Boccioli Infinity Scarf

Boccioli (blossoms in Italian) is an infinity scarf worked sideways to the desired length, followed by some grafting. Its boldest feature is in its simple lacework that’s enlivened by small bobbles in a contrasting, yet delicate, color. The lace pattern resembles the leaves of Italian heirloom zucchini, with flowers on the top of some branches, each one presented in different lengths to mimic a natural flowering pattern. The design has intentionally a vintage feel, reminiscent of old-hand embroidery with its small bobbles integrated in the lace stitches and the use of a color choice with mild contrasts.

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Buffalo Plaid Headband & Mitts Set

As fall holidays approach, traveling is inevitable — whether that means going back home to see the family or simply returning from yet another trip to the grocery store! Make sure you have the cozy essentials like the tartan stitch headband and mitts to take care of yourself.

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Nicholas Brioche Plaid Scarf

The main feature of the Nicholas Scarf is the rectangular checks in different shades of blue, with just a little hint of white and red to add color and separate the rows of checks. Being worked in brioche stitch, the scarf is perfectly reversible and the colorwork is made using only one color at a time. Nicholas makes the perfect gift for the city traveler on your list.

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Rippling Waters Top

Feminine and easy to wear, the Rippling Waters Top is a lightweight sleeveless piece playing with transparency and lightness that can be used as a beach robe or as a summer top/poncho.

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Dockside Sweater

This is a sweater that’s easy to wear and interesting to knit. It’s worked entirely in a simple striped pattern, but the background and the contrasting colors are swapped on the sleeves and on the body, providing an additional level of visual interest.

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Ready, Set, Stitch: Kitchener Stitch Simplified

This is a method for joining a knitted hem that resuslts in a completely invisible finish. The process is very similar to Kitchener stitch, but not identical since you have only one row of live stitches to join to a row of purl bumps inside the knitted fabric.


Pass tapestry needle through the first stitch of

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