December 2017: Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor

I’ve always held a soft spot for winter. While I’m not necessarily a fan of cold weather, I do love the natural magic that snow provides. Waking up on Christmas morning to find my backyard frosted overnight, covered in white as if a giant sifter had dusted the earth with mountains of powdered sugar – it sets the scene perfectly for the holidays. No matter how you feel about the cold weather (of if you live in a place that’s warm year round), the season itself is about more than just the snow. It’s a time when friends and family come together to celebrate people they care for, whether that’s done by sharing a home-cooked meal or by exchanging gifts over cups of hot cider near a crackling fire.

To help you get ready for the festive season ahead, we’ve asked our designers to make up some new, cozy and innovative designs. Starting with the intriguing Starry Mountains Afghan featured on the cover of this magazine, you’ll discover all types of patterns you’ll be itching to make – from incredible hats to delicate shawls.

Plus, don’t miss my personal favorite, the Nordic Night Pullover. Inspired by the colors of a starry night, this incredibly toasty piece mixes blue and white to create a stunning piece you’ll love to wear all season long.

Happy holidays,

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Add to your Misty Horizons Cardigan from the October 2017 issue with this matching scarf! The engaging cable panel keeps the knitting interesting as you buzz along. Read More 

The chevron stitch pattern on the body of this cardigan is knit in a lovely shade of lavender. Knit sleeves in zig zag stripes are achieved just by color changing and not intarsia which makes for a quicker knit. Finished off with a row of buttons, this cardigan is a keeper for sure. Read More 

This softly draped cowl-hood features a mosaic colorwork central motif. This hooded cowl can be worn as a hood under a jacket to keep out the chill and then lowered to become a cowl once you’ve entered into the safety of the indoors. Read More 

We all know knitting can be an amazing soothing and relaxing activity. Knitting with the purpose of helping others can be incredibly fulfilling to the soul.  It can also be a great way to contribute to or help those in need. There is no greater feeling than knowing a newborn baby, hospital patient or friend… Read More 

Historic Harrisville Designs Where does your yarn come from? Do you ever wonder? I often wonder where the yarn I am working with came from, how it was made, and were human hands involved in producing it? So, on a beautiful summer morning in late June I set off to find out. Really early, I… Read More 

This is a method for joining a knitted hem that resuslts in a completely invisible finish. The process is very similar to Kitchener stitch, but not identical since you have only one row of live stitches to join to a row of purl bumps inside the knitted fabric.   Pass tapestry needle through the first… Read More