Knit Lit

Anyone Can Knit: A Step-by-Step Guide to Essential Knitting Skills

Feel confident and accomplished in your knitting with Anyone Can Knit! This step-by-step guide is the perfect way for beginners to hone in on their knitting skills. Learn the basic stitches and techniques with this simple and practical guide. There are photo tutorials that include detailed descriptions to help any knitter achieve greatness with their projects. This essential knitting book is not only for beginners, but even for the advanced knitters to perfect their skill. Enjoy and learn the basics; knitting really is for anyone!

Paperback, 128Pages, $12.99, 978-1510724082

Plain & Simple: 12 Pieces to Knit and Wear – All the Time

What you are reading is true, Plain & Simple, is exactly that! The 12 projects included in this book require yarn and very simple stitches to create your own wardrobe essentials. Feel at home with this classic knitting book! Pam Allen includes designs for knitted pullovers, cardigans, and necessary accessories you will be incredibly happy you made. The 12 projects included are items you will wear all of the time, making your time and effort well worth the comfort.

Paperback , 104Pages, $24.00, 978-0997918717

Plum Dandi Knits: Simple Designs for Luxury Yarns

Feel one with nature with the gorgeous patterns designed by Alicia Plummer and Melissa Schaschwary in Plum Dandi Knits. They have beautifully designed 23 projects that will connect you with nature in ways you never thought possible. With patterns such as “Cape Elizabeth,” and “Bretton Woods,” you will knit some of the most luxurious looking projects that reflect our natural surroundings. Each pattern is beautifully pictured with detailed instructions that will guide you every step of the way. Each pattern includes a stylish, feminine touch that exudes comfort. Settle in with these comfortable, luxurious patterns.

Paperback, 128Pages, $23.98, 978-1632505941

Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit: 29 Cute Blankets to Knit

Knitters, create something your children or grandchildren will cherish forever. Jody Long has written and created for every major knitting publication in the US and UK and has created 29 adorable blanket patterns our little ones will cherish for years to come. Sweet Baby Blankets to Knit comes with beautiful, bold pictures and instructions that are easy to read and understand. The basic techniques included in this book teach you step-by-step to help you knit the most perfect blankets for your loved ones. With every turn of the page, you will be motivated to learn! One amazing thing about this book – it includes descriptions of the equipment needed to knit your own baby blanket, with pictures alongside. You will feel guided every step of the way!

Paperback, 128Pages, $21.95, 978-6059192279