11 Easy Knitting Patterns for Sweaters, Cardigans and Tops
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Embark on a journey of knitting comfort and style with our curated collection of 11 Easy Knitting Patterns for Sweaters, Cardigans, and Tops. While the thought of knitting a sweater may initially seem like a daunting task, it’s important to remember that not all sweaters need to be intricate and complex. In fact, this thoughtfully assembled assortment celebrates the joy of straightforward knitting without sacrificing style or sophistication.

Within this collection, you’ll find a diverse array of patterns that cater to various tastes and preferences. From chic tops that effortlessly elevate your everyday look, to cozy cardigans that wrap you in warmth, and gorgeous sweaters that promise both comfort and fashion, there’s something for everyone. What sets these patterns apart is their accessibility and approachability, making them perfect for knitters of all skill levels.

From all of us at I Like Knitting, we hope this collection brings you many hours of knitting pleasure and a closet full of cozy, stylish garments. Happy knitting!


This is a sweater that's easy to wear and interesting to knit. It’s worked entirely in a simple striped pattern, but the background and the contrasting colors are swapped on the sleeves and on the body, providing an additional level of visual interest. Read More 

This simple pullover contains classic seaside colors and a flattering stripe pattern. Knit in a soft and light yarn, this pullover is nothing like that heavy sweater in the back of your closet. Read More 

Thick enough to keep you covered, but open enough to let in summer’s gentle breeze, this pullover combines a mesh stitch with a wide band of stockinette for an elegant, flowy piece. Knit in linen, this sweater is perfect for covering up a swimsuit, or for wearing with your favorite shorts during a boardwalk stroll. Read More 

Sometimes, especially in cold gloomy winter, nothing is better than getting home from work and pulling on a cozy sweater, especially if that sweater has thumbholes and a kangaroo pocket. This warm sweater is destined to become your new favorite. Read More 

Knit in a blend of merino and cashmere, this sweater is seriously cozy. Created using criss-crossed main body pieces, this sweater pairs well with anything — from your comfiest sweats to your favorite pair of jeans. Read More 

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