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Dandelion Wishes Oversized Tee

Embrace a carefree spirit with this boxy, oversized t-shirt inspired by the whimsical dandelion puff and their drifting seeds. According to legend, blowing all the seeds off in one breath will make any wish come true. We’re wishing for one of these trendy tees in every color of the rainbow!

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Spring Mint Cropped Cardigan

Indulge in the charm of this delightful cardigan featuring a straightforward lace pattern. Boasting a V-neckline, drop shoulders and three-quarter length sleeves, this sweet piece is elegantly finished with buttons at the front..

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Tranquil Treetops Knit Hat

Explore stranded colorwork with this hat, showcasing a repeating motif of tall fir trees, reminiscent of a serene mountain tree line. The fresh color palette in light and dark blue adds a modern twist, departing from the traditional green and white associated with tree-themed hats. If a classic look appeals to you, opt for green trees on a white background for a charming Christmas touch. Knit with yarn made from recycled wool, nylon and cashmere, complemented by sustainably sourced viscose, this hat ensures a velvety soft and squishable texture while promoting eco-friendly practices.

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Flower Market Sweater

The Flower Market Sweater is a charming creation inspired by the vibrant hues of spring flowers arranged in a basket. This slightly cropped sweater, featuring set-in sleeves, captures the essence of blooming beauty. Designed with a tailored silhouette in mind, the sweater offers a fitted yet easy-to-wear style, with intended ease of one-to-three inches at the waist and five-to-seven inches at the bust. Worked in separate pieces and then seamlessly seamed, this pattern provides both a comfortable fit and a sophisticated look. For a personalized touch, incorporate odd balls of yarn to create unique and whimsical flower buds unique to your stash!

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Cable Comfort Collared Pullover

Designed with chunky cables and luxurious, fluffy yarn, this pullover boasts a fabric that’s not just visually appealing, but also delightfully soft, ensuring a cozy and comfortable wearing experience. The distinctive polo-style collar, rendered in a contrasting color, infuses this classic pullover with a contemporary edge. Tailored for intermediate-level knitters, this pattern offers a rewarding challenge while maintaining a classic charm.

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Cascading Cables Sweater

This exquisite sweater features an intriguing cable pattern that cascades down, adding depth and allure to the garment. The shoulders are elegantly finished with a 3-needle bind-off technique, ensuring a polished look and sturdy construction. The neckline, finished with a folded edge, not only adds a stylish touch but also creates a comfortable and flattering neckline. Embracing the enduring appeal of cables, this sweater embodies a classic charm that never fades out of fashion.

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Seed Stitch Splendor Tote

Designed as a weekend project and tailored for an easy skill level, this pattern promises a swift and enjoyable knitting experience. Knit with organic cotton, this tote stands as a softer, more inviting alternative to the classic canvas bags. This charming tote boasts a design that harmonizes a natural-colored panel in seed stitch with a vibrant body in stockinette stitch. This clever combination not only brings a pop of color but also adds delightful texture, making it an accessory that complements any outfit and any occasion.

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True Blue Split Crew Sweater

The True Blue Split Crew Sweater knitting pattern intertwines three distinct stitch patterns, crafting a must-have V-neck sweater distinguished by its unique split crew-neck design which is a seasonal essential. Designed with intricate detail, the hems are elegantly worked in double ribbing, offering both a snug fit and a stylish touch. Knit flat from the bottom up, the backs, fronts and sleeves are meticulously created, ready to be seamlessly assembled. The front openings are adorned with stitches picked up and beautifully bordered in double ribbing, enhancing the sweater’s aesthetic. To complete this charming piece, the crew-neck is skillfully picked up, adding a final touch of sophistication.

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Softly Falling Snow Mittens

Inspired by the gentle descent of freshly fallen snow, these mittens beautifully transition from light hues at the top to deeper shades towards the bottom. This effect is achieved through a harmonious interplay of smaller and larger motifs, evoking the serene scene of snow beginning to blanket the earth. Embracing both style and functionality, these mittens have an extended cuff designed for versatility. Wear it long to shield against the winter elements, preventing snow from intruding, or fold it over for an added layer of cozy warmth. These mittens are a perfect blend of elegance and practicality, promising both comfort and charm on cold winter days.

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Snowdrift Cable Scarf

Wrap yourself in the warmth of tradition and the comfort of contemporary design with this exquisite cable scarf. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of traditional cable patterns, this scarf seamlessly marries classic craftsmanship with a sleek, modern design. Elevate your winter wardrobe with this statement piece that seamlessly blends the old and the new.

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