The Plaid Knitting Collection
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Embrace the arrival of crisp autumn days with the timeless comfort of plaid. While flannels are a staple, why not elevate your coziness with hand-knit plaid creations? Our carefully curated collection brings together an array of stunning wearables and home décor pieces that promise not only warmth, but also a touch of classic sophistication.

Step into the world of plaid, where every stitch tells a story of comfort and style. From the rugged charm of buffalo plaid to the refined elegance of traditional tartans, and the lively spirit of spring-y ginghams, our pattern collection boasts a diverse range to suit every taste and occasion.

Picture yourself wrapped in a cozy plaid scarf, the embodiment of comfort and style intertwined. Envision your home adorned with plaid cushions and blankets, transforming your space into a sanctuary of warmth and charm. This collection invites you to infuse your life with the timeless allure of plaid, offering a cozy embrace that lasts well beyond the chill of autumn.

So, pick up your knitting needles and let the rhythm of the stitches transport you to a world of plaid perfection. With this collection, you’ll not only stay warm, but you’ll do so in a way that pays homage to a classic pattern that never goes out of style. Happy knitting!


Cassidy is a gingham patterned cowl that is great for both beginner and advanced colorwork knitters. Worked in the round and following charts, this cowl works up in no time at all. Read More 

A plaid scarf is classic, timeless and goes with everything. This scarf may look complex but the knitting is done with only one color at a time. The vertical stripes are created with slip-stitch crochet after the knitting is complete. Read More 

As fall holidays approach, traveling is inevitable — whether that means going back home to see the family or simply returning from yet another trip to the grocery store! Make sure you have the cozy essentials like the tartan stitch headband and mitts to take care of yourself. Read More 

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