Adrienne Larsen


Adrienne is a designer working in Fargo ND. Her books Welts & Waves and Flutter & Flow are available on Ravelry & Amazon now. When she’s not working she enjoys ice cream and ferrets.

Projects by Adrienne Larsen

Caribbean Waters Pullover

Craving the turquoise blue waters of a tropical paradise? This pullover is the answer. Knit bottom up and in the round, Caribbean Waters is knit in a stunning diamond wave pattern.

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Lead The Wave Welted Cowl

This welted cowl is knit in the round with a special two-needle welting technique that’s used to create attractive 3D elements. Small cowls like these are great for practicing new techniques. Plus, this accessory is ideal for weather in between seasons.

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KUFWb (Knit up for Welt, Back) Photo Tutorial

Step 1:
Hold secondary needle behind and slightly below the right hand needle.

Step 2:
Insert right hand needle the first stitch on left hand needle knitwise, then bring yarn between left hand & secondary needles.

Step 3:
Bring yarn between left and right hand needles as if to knit, then bring yarn in front of both left hand needles.


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KtogFW (Knit Together for Welt) Photo Tutorial

Step 1:
Slide stitches back onto secondary needle. Fold with purl sides in, secondary needle in back, and left hand stitches pushed backward.

Step 1 continued:
Back side view.

Step 2:
Insert right hand needle knitwise through the first stitch on the left needle and then the first stitch on the secondary needle.

Step 3:
Knit both stitches together.

Step 4:
Slip both stitches

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Gloria Mittens

The Gloria Mittens are the result of mixing Japanese stitch motifs with Bavarian Twist techniques. Knit in a light pink, the details of these mitts really shine for the girly girl on your list.

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Cabin Morning Coat

This lovely coat is easy to wear and flattering to boot — and just what you need for lounging by the campfire! It is also a study in joining techniques, with picked up stitches, kitchener stitch and a two-needle bind off.

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