Equestrian Knitting Products

Elevate your knitting projects with equestrian themed buttons and notions that will rekindle your love for horses!

  1. Adjustable Portuguese Knitting Necklace for Knitters,
  2. Wild Horses Yarn Bowl in Azulscape Glaze,
  3. 15mm Antique Horse Head Bronze Buttons,
  4. One Piece – Gold or Ant Brass Texture Horse Bit Vintage Closure,
  5. 3 Running Horses Shank Buttons,
  6. Horse knitting project bag,
  7. 1 Dozen White Silver or Gold Texture pattern Horse Bit Symbol Vintage shank button,
  8. Horse Project Bag – Handmade – Drawstring Bag,
  9. Rustic Horses Stitch Marker Set for Knitting,
  10. Horses 2 Piece, Fully Lined Project Bag Set,


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