Old Norwegian Cast-On

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The Old Norwegian Cast-On, also known as the German Twisted Cast-On, is a cast-on method similar to the long-tail method but with a few extra steps and an extra twist. You might choose to use this cast-on when knitting socks since it creates a stretch edge that resists curling.

This cast-on method is a little tricky, but since it mostly follows along with the long-tail method, it’s easy to learn. Just follow the simple steps below and you’ll be ready to make the Leaf Cuff Set in no time! And if you’re still confused after following the steps, be sure to check out our video tutorial at the bottom of this page.


  1. Leaving a 6” long tail, make a slip knot with both yarns held together (this does not count as a stitch).
    Cast on 1
  2. Hold yarn same as for regular long tail cast on – with MC over thumb and CC over index finger.
    Cast on 2
  3. Bring needle to left of thumb.
    Cast on 3
  4. Go under both strands of the MC, coming up to the right of the thumb strands.
    Cast on 4
  5. Bring needle over the second MC strand and down into the hole at the thumb.
    Cast on 5
  6. Pull strand down and towards you under the left strand.
    Cast on 6
  7. Pass needle over thumb and CC strand on index finger from top
    Cast on 7
  8. Pick up CC strand from right.
    Cast on 8
  9. Bring needle back down through loop on thumb. If you bend thumb slightly the X opens up making it clearer which way is out!
    Cast on 9
  10. Flip thumb loop over the top of needle, drop loop off thumb.
    Cast on 10
  11. Tighten stitch bringing thumb back into position. The edging that this thumb strand forms will look best if you leave it a bit loose. It will also add lots of stretch to the edge.
    Cast on 11


Joining to round:  Remember to drop the slip knot when you come to it.

  1. Join to round by slipping first st on left needle to right needle.
    Cast on 12
  2. Bring working end of MC from back to front between needles
    Cast on 13
  3. Slip stitch back to left needle.
    Cast on 14
  4. Bring MC yarn to back.
    Cast on 15


When finished you will have contrasting color stitches on the needle with main color edging loops below.

So, are you ready to give this method a try? Check out the Leaf Cuff Set on the next page and practice what you learned! yarn ball

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