Spiced Mulberry Cowl

Spiced Mulberry is an elegant knitted cowl that’s ideal for any event, from apple picking to a night out. Worked up in shades of violet, this pattern uses lace and cable designs and works up quickly.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: 16” tall with 36” circumference

Gauge: 15 stitches and 20 rows = 4” on US  size 8 (5.0 mm) circular knitting needles in Stockinette stitch, relaxed after blocking



Medium weight yarn Sweet Georgia Trinity Worsted (70% merino, 20% cashmere, 10% silk; 200 yards [183 meters]/115 grams): Mist (MC, 1 skein), Mulberry (CC, 1 skein)
Needles: US size 8 (5.0 mm) 16” circular knitting needles, US size 9 (5.5 mm) 16” circular knitting needles
Notions: Cable needle, tapestry needle (for weaving in ends), Blocking material (blocking board, rust-proof T-pins, blocking wires)


SKP: Slip one stitch, knit the next stitch, and pass the slipped stitch over knit stitch
Sl2-K1-PSSO: Slip two stitches, knit the next stitch, pass both slipped stitches together over knit stitch

Special Stitches

3/2 RC: Put next two stitches on cn & hold back, k3, k2 from cn.
2/2 RC: Put next two sts on cn & hold at back, k2, k2 from cn.
2/2 LC: Put next 2 sts on cn & hold in front, k2, then k2 from cn.

Chevron Lace Pattern: (Multiple of 16 Stitches)

Row 1: In CC * P16; repeat from *.
Row 2 & all even numbered rows: Continuing with the same yarn color as in previous row, knit the knits and yarn overs, purl the purls.
Row 3: In MC * K1, yo, k6, sl2-k1-psso, k6, yo; repeat from *.
Row 5: In CC *K2, yo, p5, sl2-k1-psso, p5, yo, k1; repeat from *.
Row 7: In MC *K3, yo, k4, sl2-k1-psso, k4, yo, k2; repeat from *.
Row 9: In CC *K4, yo, p3, sl2-k1-psso, p3, yo, k3; repeat from *.
Row 11: In MC *K5, yo, k2, sl2-k1-psso, k2, yo, k4; repeat from *.
Row 13: In CC *K6, yo, p1, sl2-k1-psso, p1, yo, k5; repeat from *.
Row 15: In MC *K7, yo, sl2-k1-psso, yo, k6; repeat from *.

Cable Lace Pattern: (Multiple of 16 Stitches)

Row 1: *P1, yo, k2, skp, p2, yo, sl2-k1-psso, yo, p2, k2tog, k2, yo; repeat from *.
Row 2 & all other even numbered rows: Knit the knits and yarn overs, purl the purls.
Row 3: *P2, yo, k2, skp, p1, p2tog-b, yo, p2, k2tog, k2, yo, p1; repeat from *.
Row 5: *P3, yo, k2, skp, p3, k2tog, k2, yo, p2; repeat from *.
Row 7: *P4, yo, k2, skp, p1, k2tog, k2, yo, p3; repeat from *.
Row 9: *P1, yo, skp, p2, yo, k2, sl2-k1-psso, k2, yo, p2, k2tog, yo; repeat from *.
Row 11: *P1, k1, yo, skp, p2, 3/2 RC, p2, k2tog, yo, k1; repeat from *.
Row 13: *P1, k2, yo, skp, p1, k5, p1, k2tog, yo, k2; repeat from *.
Row 15: *P1, k3, yo, skp, k5, k2tog, yo, k3; repeat from *.
Row 17: *P1, k4, yo, skp, k3, k2tog, yo, k4; repeat from *.
Row 19: *P1, 2/2 RC, p1, yo, skp, k1, k2tog, yo, p1, 2/2 LC; repeat from *. 

Pattern Notes

Cowl is worked in round, bottom up in one piece.
Larger size needle is used to cast on and bind off the stitches.
Stitch count remains the same while working on any row of the patterns.
To make this cowl wider in circumference, increase the cast on stitch count by multiple of 16.
To change the height of the cowl, alter the number of cable pattern repeats.
Blocking is required to set the lace pattern.
Charts do not show even numbered rows. For every even numbered row – purl the purls, knit the knit and yarn overs. 


Using larger circular needles & CC yarn, CO 97 stitches using knitted cast on, join to work in round. {6 repeats of pattern [16 * 6 = 96] + 1 stitch for join = 97 stitches.}
The extra stitch cast on is used to make a better join. To join, slip one stitch purl-wise from right hand needle to the left hand needle. Holding the cast on tail & working yarn together, knit two stitches together reducing the stitch count 96.  The first stitch will have two strands due to this join. On the next round, treat these two strands of first stitch as a single strand.
Change smaller needles. Work Rows 1 to 16 of Chevron lace pattern once. Please note that these rows are worked by alternating between MC & CC every 2 rows.
Work 3 repeats of rows 1 to 20 of Cable lace pattern in MC yarn. Work rows 1 & 2 in MC yarn once again.
Change to CC yarn & purl two rows. Bind off loosely in CC yarn with larger needles. Weave in ends and block well. yarn ball

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