October 2015: Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor

As summer bids its final goodbye and the darkness of night envelops the sky sooner and sooner, I find myself not mourning the loss of a season-gone-too-soon, but anticipating what’s to come. Announcing its presence with a subtle, cool breeze, autumn sneaks into our world like a dash of chili pepper in a chocolate bar—unexpected, understated and powerful. But if you’re not careful, you’ll miss it: that brilliant contrast of hot and cold when sipping iced cider by a bonfire, the softness of leaves stacked in red and gold piles underneath the trees, the noise a caramel-covered Granny Smith makes when you bite in, unleashing a tingling rush of sweet and sour flavors across your taste buds.

It all happens quickly, like a cherished memory, vivid but fading. That’s why this year I challenge you to soak in everything. Let your eyes linger on the vibrant gold trees outside your office building. Set aside time on the weekend for an extended hike. Surround yourself in the flavors of the season and visit your local pumpkin patch to sample fresh cider, gooey caramel apples and sticky-hot kettle corn.

Most importantly, set aside time to knit. After all, fall kicks off the unofficial start of the knitting season. Whether you’re getting a head start on holiday gifts or working up new patterns for your wardrobe, this special edition is comprised of cozy favorites that are perfect for your next project. Be bold and elegant with the Leaf Lines Sweater that boasts a candy-red hue and striking lace details. Pair it with the Ruby Autumn Fields Socks for a comforting combination that’s ready for apple picking. Preparing for Halloween? Dress your little one up in any of the too-cute-to-be-scary costumes that include an owl, a fox and even a flying monkey!

Whatever you do, don’t miss my personal favorite, the Honeycomb Sweater. In this design textural honeycombs dance across a loose-fitting silhouette that’s ideal for layering. Style it with your favorite button-up top for an effortless look you’ll wear all season.

Happy knitting,

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