Knit Lit

Baby Beasties: Monster Mittens, Hats, & Other Knits

Perfect for mommy’s little monsters and mischief makers, Baby Beasties: Monster Mittens, Hats, & Other Knits by Debby Ware is a great way to work up every child’s favorite animals to wear. Keeping kids warm has never been easier than with these 28 adorable patterns. With options like the “Prickly Porcupine Mittens” and a “Dancing Dinosaur Cap” you will have projects for every season, and they will have fashionable and functional new accessories. From newborns to toddlers, this book covers it all. Knitting tips are sprinkled throughout the patterns, and with full-color photographs and helpful guides in the back, you will feel like Ware is right next to you.

Paperback, 128 Pages, $22.95, 978-1631860041

Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet

Socks are a fun and easy knitting project, but some patterns are not always a good fit. It can seem impossible to work up a properly fitting sock, but in Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet, Kate Atherley takes on the task of convincing you otherwise. Atherley’s experience editing sock patterns at Knitty’s ensures that you can trust her judgment, and with fifteen unique sock patterns, you will find the perfect project to keep your feet cozy. From measuring your feet to instructions on customization, Custom Socks has you covered, and every sock you work up will be a perfect fit.

Paperback, 192 Pages, $27.99, 978-1620337752

Good Measure: Knit a Perfect Fit Every Time

The hardest part about knitting clothing is figuring out how it will fit. Will it hang too loosely? What if it’s unflattering? Deborah Newton takes you under her wing in Good Measure: Knit a Perfect Fit Every Time, and helps your patterns measure up. Along with teaching the reader how to determine what alterations need to be made to a pattern, this book includes 24 patterns in a range of sizes that will look gorgeous on all body types. From size XS to size 2XL, this book will be your new best friend, and you will find yourself referencing it at the beginning of each and every future project.

Hardcover, 176 Pages, $29.95, 978-1936096916

The Art of Slip-Stitch Knitting: Techniques, Stitches, and Projects

Slip-stitches, while simple, can create beautiful patterns. In The Art of Slip-Stitch Knitting: Techniques, Stitches, and Projects by Faina Goberstein and Simona Merchant-Dest, these stitches are modernized and re-evaluated to leave the knitter with a new appreciation of the technique. With sixteen original projects and forty stitch patterns, you won’t be able to put this book down until you’ve worked up every one. Goberstein and Merchant-Dest use lace and cables to play with the textures of the stitch, so no matter how many times you’ve used the technique in the past, you will never be bored.

Paperback, 176 Pages, $26.99, 978-1620337561