Knit Picks

Chic-a Single Yarn Keeper

Cost: $18.00 per keeper.

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Chic-a’s Single Yarn Keeper is every knitter’s best friend. Better than a breakable yarn bowl, the Single Yarn Keeper holds your yarn, keeping it clear of dust and debris, in a pliable and easily moveable 5”x5”x5” pouch. Great for travel because of its durability, this yarn keeper is perfect for any small project or single ball of yarn you are afraid will unravel. In nine different colors like Zebra, Silver Cherries, Martinique Yellow, and Chic-a Pink, these pretty pouches will look great in any room of your house as you work up your next project.

Flat Leather Handles

Cost: $48.00 per pair.

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A pair of Flat Leather Handles from Sage Luxury is something every knitter needs handy. These no-sew handles are 21” long, perfect for any project, and are easily customizable with two metal options, Solid Brass and Solid Nickel Brass, and three color options, Tan, Black, and Chocolate. These handles give your bag a designer image without the effort, as the Chicago screws make attaching the handles simple. After knitting your project, the last thing you need to worry about is knitting and attaching a pair of handles or sewing on something you bought, so give yourself a break and a treat with this luxurious pair.

Purl Soho Super Soft Merino

Cost: $19.50 per skein.

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Sometimes you need to splurge on yarn, and the best place to do that is Purl Soho. Their Super Soft Merino Yarn is made from 100% Peruvian merino wool, making for a luscious yarn that will create gorgeous projects time after time. The cozier yarn is perfect for a comfy cowl or cuddly baby blanket, and once you start using it you will not want to stop. In 31 different colors like Lichen Green, Oyster Gray, Pink Grapefruit, and Heirloom White, there is a color for everyone to love, and there is definitely a color that will match your pattern.

“Made With Love” Buttons

Cost: $8.50 per 10 buttons.

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The perfect finishing touch for all of your new projects, RememberWynn’s “Made With Love” Buttons will show everyone you knit for that you are thinking of them. With an adorable “xoxo” design in hearts, these pretty buttons would look great on any project. Although they come unstained, they are stainable, so you can match your stain color to your project. Put these on the inside of a sweater, use them as a button for a cowl, or create fold-back mittens and use these buttons to help the top of the mitten stay back.