Knit Lit

Loopy Mango Knitting: 34 Fashionable Pieces You Can Make in a Day

Co-founder and head designer of Loopy Mango, Oejong Kim, has written this book of delightfully chunky and trendy knitting patterns. This book is aimed at new and beginner knitters alike with quick knits and bold looks. Complete with tips and tricks to give your knits that professional quality, you’ll be knitting up these patterns in no time at all.

Hardcover, 192Pages, $20.99, 978-1419738081

The Knit Vibe

Knitting isn’t always yarn, needles and a pattern. It’s so much more. In this upcoming release, Vickie Howell takes a deep dive into the creative potential behind knitting and the creative process as a whole. We’ll explore everything from project inspiration to yoga to the importance of community. Use this book as a guide to create your own knit vibe and knit up some great projects with the cute patterns included.

Hardcover, 208Pages, $29.99, 978-1-4197-3279-9

The Vampire Knitting Club: First in a Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series

In the mood for a good mystery with a paranormal twist? Then Nancy Warren’s “Vampire Knitting Club” series is just for you. Meet our new favorite lead character, Lucy Swift. In book one, Lucy is in a bit of a hard place: a not-so-great past mixed with an uncertain future, and she’s in dire need of a break. Settling on a trip to Oxford to visit her grandmother and her gran’s knitting shop, what should be a trip meant for reflection (and knitting), turns into a wild paranormal ride filled with family secrets and many unknowns. Featuring a plot thick with intrigue, a quest for justice, an unsolved murder — even members of the undead — join Lucy as she discovers the truth about her grandmother and works tirelessly to solve a violent murder from her family’s past.
Just how will she unravel this mystery? You’ll have to read to find out!

Click here to read an exclusive excerpt from book one.

Paperback, 256Pages, $10.99, 978-1928145479

Vanishing Fleece

Explore the world of wool with in this new book where you follow Clara Parkes on her journey through America’s mills, farms and herds of sheep. Meet shepherds and dyers who are the reason your knitting needles are never empty. Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look into this fascinating industry! After reading this book, you’ll be tempted to buy a sheep of your own.

Hardcover, 192Pages, $23, 978-1-4197-3531-8