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Coastal Contrast Striped Wrap

This pattern is a spirited rectangular shawl that embodies the coastal allure through captivating garter stripes, playing with opposing angles and sizes to enchant the eye. At its heart, a stunning long color-change gradient takes center stage, artfully framed by a neutral contrast that adds depth and sophistication. Crafted modularly, this wrap begins with the center panel, radiating outward with stitches picked up for each corner section. These corners are knit at diagonal angles, infusing extra visual intrigue into the main section, evoking the ever-shifting beauty of the coastline.

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Vintage Eyelet Waves Cardigan

Introducing the Vintage Eyelet Waves Cardigan: a classic beauty knitted seamlessly from cuff to cuff in a graceful blend of simple eyelet stitches and contrasting Garter stitch rows. The result? Mesmerizing wavy stripes that undulate both vertically and horizontally, reminiscent of timeless vintage elegance.

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Soft Lavender Support Socks

Meet the Soft Lavender Support Socks knitting pattern: a comfort-focused delight designed with an extra touch of support.To maximize comfort, the sole of the foot features ribbed arch support, catering to the unique contours of each foot. Knit these socks while trying them on, ensuring the sections align perfectly for optimal fit and support. Perfect as a weekend project, this pattern caters to intermediate-level knitters seeking a satisfying challenge.

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Cable Comfort Collared Pullover

Designed with chunky cables and luxurious, fluffy yarn, this pullover boasts a fabric that’s not just visually appealing, but also delightfully soft, ensuring a cozy and comfortable wearing experience. The distinctive polo-style collar, rendered in a contrasting color, infuses this classic pullover with a contemporary edge. Tailored for intermediate-level knitters, this pattern offers a rewarding challenge while maintaining a classic charm.

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Cascading Cables Sweater

This exquisite sweater features an intriguing cable pattern that cascades down, adding depth and allure to the garment. The shoulders are elegantly finished with a 3-needle bind-off technique, ensuring a polished look and sturdy construction. The neckline, finished with a folded edge, not only adds a stylish touch but also creates a comfortable and flattering neckline. Embracing the enduring appeal of cables, this sweater embodies a classic charm that never fades out of fashion.

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