Ciara Doyle

Ciara Doyle is a crochet and knitting designer from Ireland with a passion for designing size inclusive garments for every body. She is passionate about developing patterns that fit and flatter, for adults and children, in both gender-neutral styles, and occasionally floaty and feminine as well. Ciara believes in slow fashion and sustainability, and likes to create garments that look good, feel good to wear, and last a long time, in yarns that are good for the planet.

You can find Ciara on her website:



Projects by Ciara Doyle

Soft Lavender Support Socks

Meet the Soft Lavender Support Socks knitting pattern: a comfort-focused delight designed with an extra touch of support.To maximize comfort, the sole of the foot features ribbed arch support, catering to the unique contours of each foot. Knit these socks while trying them on, ensuring the sections align perfectly for optimal fit and support. Perfect as a weekend project, this pattern caters to intermediate-level knitters seeking a satisfying challenge.

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