Knitted Cast-On Tutorial

Learn how to do the knitted cast on with this tutorial!

  • Knitted cast-on step 11 Make a slip knot on the left needle. Insert the right needle knitwise into the stitch on the left needle. Wrap the yarn around the right needle as if to knit.
  • Knitted cast-on step 22 Draw the yarn through the first stitch to make a new stitch, but don’t drop the stitch from the left needle.
  • Knitted cast-on step 33 Slip the new stitch to the left needle as shown. Continue until all the stitches are cast on.


  • Josephine B.

    I have always used the cable cast-on for most knitting, because it has a togetherness that the knitted cast-on hasn’t got. Doesn’t stretch the same.


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