Slip Knot Knitting Tutorial

Learn how to do a slip knot with this tutorial!

Before starting the slip knot, decide which method of casting on you want to try. If you choose the long-tail cast-on method, leave approximately an inch for every stitch that you’re about to place on the needle. For the knitted cast-on, leave eight to ten inches between the end of the yarn and the slip knot.

  • Slip stitch step 11 Hold the short end of the yarn in your palm with your thumb. Wrap the yarn around the index and middle fingers twice.
  • Slip stitch step 22 Pull the strand attached to the ball through the loop between your two fingers to form a new loop.
  • Slip stitch step 33 Place the new loop on the needle and tighten it by pulling on both ends of the yarn to form the slip knot. You are now ready to begin casting-on.



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