Penny Schumers


Penny Schumers is the designer behind Knit-by-Bit Designs. She has been knitting seriously since June of 2010 and has been addicted ever since. In May of 2012, Penny starting thinking about designing her own patterns which can be found in her Ravelry shop:

Projects by Penny Schumers

Autumn Snap Shawl

A sideways shawl that is truly ready for the first cold snap! With a colorway and lacework that reminds us of looking up at falling leaves, this shawl is ready for chilly evenings.

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Long Weekend Shawl 

This sideways crescent shawl with a bold border of lace provides a touch of summer whimsy to a traditional cool-weather accessory. Get ready for a shift in seasons by sporting this classic piece.  

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Wish You Well Shawl

This slender crescent shawl has an open wave cable and a border of flower bulbs. Autumn is around the corner which means it’s time to have a shawl to cover your shoulders as you venture outside to take photos of the sunset.

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All in Good Sun Shawl

This is a sideways shawl that was inspired by the feeling of the warmth of the sun as you lift your head up to the sky. This bold, bright, beautiful skein of Knit Picks Stroll Tonal yarn has tonal coloring that can be found in any morning sunrise. The shawl is slender crescent shape with a border of sunshine rays.  

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Fishing for Compliments Shawl

Self-striping yarn makes this sideways shawl perfectly striped! Reminiscent of a flannel shirt and summer fishing trips with dad, the border stitch pattern resembles foam as it floats along the water.

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Blue Sky Shawl

This is a two-color, top-down shawl with an attached lace border. This shawl could accommodate a solid, tonal, or gradient yarn, paired with a skein of variegated yarn or a self-striping skein of yarn.

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Sun-Kissed Skies Shawl

The Sunkissed Skies Shawl is a bottom-up, triangular shawl with a glistening, beaded border. It’s inspired by the early summer sky over the beach, just as the peach glow of the sun peeks along the horizon. This shawl lends itself to be worn either traditionally or draped in a number of ways around the neck.

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Violet Buttercup Shawl

This sideways shawl draws its inspiration from a unique violet buttercup flower. With a slender, crescent shape and tonal coloring, this gorgeous project is ideal for a spring climate.

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