Neisha Abdulla


Neisha has a degree in Art & Design and loves working with many different mediums – yarn and fabric included.  Although Neisha has been knitting for over 25 years she has only recently started designing knitwear and is thoroughly enjoying the journey.

While she draws inspiration from many sources, nature is generally the starting point for most of her projects. Her work is also influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement and its romantic take on the natural world.

As well as having designs published on the I Like Knitting website, she has two designs to be featured in a book publication in Spring of 2016 and one design to be published as part of a 12 pattern collection for Willow Yarns.

You can find Neisha on, on Ravelry as neish, and on the Loveknitting website.

Projects by Neisha Abdulla

Yarn Color Theory 101

With so many colorwork patterns available at the moment, choosing the perfect color combinations can seem quite daunting.  Of course, you could go with the shades in the given pattern, but this is almost certainly not going to suit every knitter.  Therefore, we need to consider such things as favorite colors and colors that suit the recipient, and couple these with colors that work well together.  Armed with a basic knowledge in color theory we can make better informed decisions when choosing the right shades of yarn for a project.  To begin with, we’ll take a look at color theory and what it means in relation to choosing colors that work well together.

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Kora Tasseled Scarf

Kora is the trendy accessory that features a meandering, eyelet stitch pattern that resembles a gently flowing stream. It is offset with vibrant tassels that add a fun pop of color — perfect for spring!

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Knit One; Write Too

These days, it seems that putting pen to paper is rarely heard of. Since its conception, the internet has provided the world with instant communication. A large percentage of us perform our correspondence via the web with just a tap, tap, tap rather than a thought out, handwritten letter. While I believe the internet undoubtedly

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Butterfly Wing Stole

Inspired by the dramatic beauty that can be found in nature, this stole adds grace to any dress, formal or casual. The design features a center panel of eyelet motifs flanked by cascading, petal-like curves that resemble ornate butterfly wings.

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Tiny Dancer Vest

This vest has a contrast color at each rib and features a stitch pattern that creates a ‘nubby’ pinstripe giving a simple but interesting texture. Vests are great for layering in the fall and will also add style to any child’s wardrobe.

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Green Tea Cardi

Comfort and style were the inspiration for Green Tea, an over-sized cardigan with a generous amount of positive ease that gives it a snug but stylish edge. It’s a-nestle-up-at-home or step-out-in-style kind of garment!

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Pineapple Top

Hazy days at the beach were the inspiration for this top. The design features a suspended leaf pattern that naturally results in a scalloped edge that is topped off with a simple garter stitch border.

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