Neisha Abdulla


Neisha has a degree in Art & Design and loves working with many different mediums – yarn and fabric included.  Although Neisha has been knitting for over 25 years she has only recently started designing knitwear and is thoroughly enjoying the journey.

While she draws inspiration from many sources, nature is generally the starting point for most of her projects. Her work is also influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement and its romantic take on the natural world.

As well as having designs published on the I Like Knitting website, she has two designs to be featured in a book publication in Spring of 2016 and one design to be published as part of a 12 pattern collection for Willow Yarns.

You can find Neisha on, on Ravelry as neish, and on the Loveknitting website.

Projects by Neisha Abdulla

Pineapple Top

Hazy days at the beach were the inspiration for this top. The design features a suspended leaf pattern that naturally results in a scalloped edge that is topped off with a simple garter stitch border.

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Arrowhead Lace Scarf

This gorgeous jade scarf features an airy lace pattern with small arrowhead motifs. The delicate design is light enough for the summer and dressy enough to wear to formal occasions.

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Royal Beaded Stole

Inspired by the romance and style of the 1920s, the Royal Beaded Stole incorporates columns, arches and a small amount of beadwork. It is a versatile design that makes for a great evening accessory, but will also add a little luxury for casual occasions.

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Shoreline Ripples Scarf

Winter flora was the inspiration for this piece – think snow drops, hellebores and blue bells. Here, they are coupled with a leaf motif edge and brought together using a gorgeous alpaca, merino and cotton mix to make the Shoreline Ripples Scarf a perfectly delicate piece for the holidays.

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Sunshine Bright Scarf

The free-flowing fabrics and elegant drapes of the 1920s are the inspiration behind the Sunshine Bright Scarf. Featuring an easily memorized, feathered eyelet and fan stitch combination, this scarf will make a charming accessory that is sure to become an essential item in many wardrobes. This scarf features a provisional cast-on to start, so if you need a quick refresher, check out our video tutorial below.

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