Mari Chiba


Mari Chiba picked up knitting again while serving in Armenia as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Her obsession for detail and need to create have made her a passionate knitwear designer. She focuses on classic silhouettes with customized fitting and elegant details. Her patterns have been published in Knitscene, Interweave Knits, The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, Knitty, and Twist Collective magazines. You can find more of Mari’s work on her website: and on Ravelry as MariChiba.

Projects by Mari Chiba

How to Twist Your Stitches

A twisted stitch can sometimes happen on accident, by not paying attention to your stitches as you knit, but there is a way to use an accidental annoyance to your advantage and create an interesting stitch pattern out of it.

An intentionally created twisted stitch is usually just a decorative variation of a normal knit or

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Magenta Haze Cowl

This reversible and lightweight lacy scarf is the perfect summer accessory! Worked up in a bold shade of magenta, this openwork cowl is airy enough for summer but can be worn well into the fall as well.

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Pine Forest Toddler Hat

Inspired by classic Fair Isle patterns, this hat is perfect for little ones. With sizes from newborn through 2 years old, be creative in creating your own magical color combinations.

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Wally the Whale

This cleverly constructed plush whale is full of techniques to help you build your knitting skills! Inspired by a cartoon whale seen on a poster in Japan, Wally the Whale is sure to be your child’s new favorite toy. Confused by what Judy’s Magic Cast On is? Scroll down to watch a quick tutorial!

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Big Stitch Pillow Set

This Big Stitch Pillow Set is the perfect home accessory for cozying up your home. Knit two plush pillows with just one bump of supersized yarn and one set of big needles. These pillows are quick and easy to knit—and can easily be done in a day of knitting. Once you’re finished with your pillows, keep reading for a step-by-step guide on seaming.

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How To Seam a Pillow Cover

Once you’re done working up a cozy pillow cover to make that chair or couch more comfortable, you’ll need to know how to seam that pillow shut. It is possible to just sew it or hand-stitch it closed, but when you want to avoid an obvious seam and make everything appear as uniform as possible,

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Asymmetrical Shawl

This asymmetrical shawl is great for highlighting yarns with slow gradient colorways. The stitches transition subtly from a garter stitch to a lacy slip stitch garter and make for a wonderfully textured accessory and statement piece.

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Metal Heart Shawl

The Metal Heart Shawl is a lovely little shawl that can be wrapped like a scarf or worn over the shoulders as a shawl. This shawl has a semi-circular shape, long length, and a top that’s designed to curl perfectly every time. With its versatility, this little shawl will be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

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Garter Stitch Striped Shawl

A fun and easy geometric shawl, the Garter Stitch Striped Shawl uses two contrasting colors for a shawl that pops! The ruffle softens the shawl for a more feminine look, but if you prefer clean strong lines just leave the ruffle off.

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