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A Note from the Editor

It’s that time again, when flowers bloom, birds come alive and the world whirls with color. Spring is here! I’m not sure what it is, but springtime makes me think of my Grandma Rose. Every time I see a daffodil, which happens to be her favorite flower, I’m reminded of her strength and beauty. When I was younger, we’d spend hours together in the garden planting new bulbs in preparation for the end of winter. In late February, after all the snow had melted and winter had washed away, she’d point out bits of green poking out from the ground and say, “Look! Those are the flowers we planted. It means spring is almost here!” It didn’t take long for those bits of green to transform into tall stems with brilliant, gold, trumpet-like flowers.

No matter how cold the winter, spring will always follow; that’s what my grandma taught me. As an adult, it’s more than that. Spring is a chance for everyone to start fresh, to be rejuvenated and to surround themselves with things that make them happy, whether that’s spending more time with family or setting aside more time to knit.

To help get you ready for changes this season — and to get inspired — we’ve compiled only our best spring projects in this issue. Think bold and colorful hues when you dive into the Wrap Yourself in Color collection. My personal favorite is the stunning Rose Trellis Shawl. For more lacy and classic designs, don’t miss our breezy scarves, light and airy tops and a guide to projects every mom will love.


Happy spring,

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Experiment with slip stitches and cables while creating a sampler pillow in vibrant, spring colors. This pillow is a great introduction to slip stitches, increasing, decreasing and cables and produces a bright spring accessory for your home. Read More 

The Interlaced Diamond Top is a beautiful summer top that boasts a wide, round neckline and short sleeves. The neckline is finished with an I-cord and the center front of the top is decorated with a beautiful lace panel comprised of diamond shapes. Read More 

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I-cords, also known as Idiot Cords, are useful for different purposes, including finishing knitted items. I-cords are sturdy and, when you look closely, look as though they are knitted in round. Different types of machines exist to create I-cords, like I-cord Knitting Machines and spool knitters, but you can achieve the same effect with double pointed… Read More