Knit Picks

Knitting Counter (Mini Kacha-Kacha)

Cost: $10.50 per counter.

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No matter the difficulty of the knitting pattern, it’s always important to keep track of your stitches to ensure you don’t drop a stitch or accidentally add one. Clover’s mini knitting counter is small and easy to use. Plus, it’s made to be placed on a chord (not included) which allows it to be worn like a pendant. Keep your work tidy and organized and never lose track of your stitches again!

Lace Chart Motif Mug

Cost: $6.99 per mug.

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For the knitter who has every accessory possible, might we suggest this adorably patterned mug! Featuring a basic, repeating lace chart motif all around the outside, this unique cup is the perfect gift to give to a friend or to treat yourself with! Show the world that you have knitting on the brain every day and with every sip, and if mugs aren’t your cup of tea, this design is also available on greeting cards or a project bag. For under $10 and a nominal shipping fee, this unique gift can be yours.

Locking Stitch Marker with Clip

Cost: $6.00 per pack of six.

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All good knitters know the importance of stitch markers: they keep track of a set number of stitches so we never lose our place in a pattern. Clover’s Locking Stitch Marker with Clip takes this convenience one step further and has a little clip attached to it so that you can make a little note at each mark. Instead of just color-coding your marks, take careful notes and always keep track of your progress.

Neal Pottery Yarn Bowl

Cost: $36 per bowl.

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Keep your yarn contained and easily managed while you’re knitting with this unique yarn bowl.  Available in a variety of colors, these yarn bowls measure 6.5” by 4” and are the best bet for keeping your working skein close by and tangle-free. Featuring a fish hook design to make securing and removing your yarn a breeze, this bowl is a must for knitters everywhere!