Autumn’s Aztec Mittens

Geometric shapes in Aztec designs are fun to knit. It’s amazing how an assortment of triangles can be combined to form intriguing shapes.The palm and back are the same on each mitten, so they can be worn on either hand. Featuring a double cuff and worked at a tight gauge, these mittens are extra warm for those extra chilly days.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: Adult Medium (Large) to fit 7½” (8”) hand circumference.

Shown in size Medium.

Gauge: 24 sts and 28 rows = 4” [10 cm] in Stranded Colorwork.



Yarn Sizes-14 Cascade Yarns Cascade 220 (100% Wool; 220 yards [201 meters]/100 grams): 7807 Regal (MC), 1 ball; 8010 Natural (CC), 1 ball

Needles: US size 6 (4.0 mm): dpns or circular needle, or size to obtain gauge.

Notions: Stitch holder or waste yarn; tapestry needle.


R = Right leaning backwards loop increase

L = Left leaning backwards loop increase

Special Stitches

Backwards loop increase:

Twist the working yarn into a loop, (twist clockwise for a left leaning increase and counterclockwise for right leaning increase), slip the loop onto the working needle and pull tight.

Pattern Notes

These mittens are worked in the round from the bottom up.

Each mitten can be worn on either hand, so knit both mittens exactly the same.

Some of the rounds are marked Size Large only. Skip these rounds when knitting the medium size.



With MC, CO 48 (52) sts.

Rnds 1-11: *K1, p1; rep from * around.
Rnds 12-14 (Size Large only): *K1, p1; rep from * around.
Rnd 15: Knit around.
Rnd 16: Purl around.
Rnds 17-23: Knit around.
Rnds 24-26 (Size Large only): Knit around.
Rnds 27-71: Work Stranded Colorwork chart from right to left and from bottom to top with the following instructions for specific chart rnds:

On chart Rnd 37, st 48 (52) becomes the center of the Thumb Gusset and gusset increases are made on either side of this st.

After knitting chart Rnd 50, transfer 15 Thumb Gusset sts to a stitch holder or waste yarn. Continue working chart.

Rnd 72: Cut CC, leaving a short tail and with MC, knit around.
Rnd 73 (Size Large only): Knit around.
Rnd 74 (Size Large only): *K11, k2tog; rep from * around – 48 sts.
Rnd 75: (Size Large only): Knit around.
Rnd 76: *K4, k2tog; rep from * around – 40 sts.
Rnds 77-79: Knit around.
Rnd 80: *K3, k2tog; rep from * around – 32 sts.
Rnds 81-82: Knit around.
Rnd 83: *K2, k2tog; rep from * around – 24 sts.
Rnd 84: Knit around.
Rnd 85: *K1, k2tog; rep from * around – 16 sts.
Rnd 86: Knit around.
Rnd 87: *K2tog; rep from * around – 8 sts.

Cut yarn, leaving a tail. Thread tail through rem sts and pull tight.


Pick up 15 sts from the st holder, pick up 5 sts in the gap where the Thumb meets the hand – 20 sts.

Rnd 1: With MC, knit around.
Rnd 2: With CC, knit around.
Rnd 3-12: Work Thumb Colorwork chart from right to left and bottom to top.
Rnd 13: Cut CC, leaving a short tail and with MC, knit around.
Rnd 14: *K2, k2tog; rep from * around – 15 sts.
Rnd 15: Knit around.
Rnd 16: *K1, k2tog; rep from * around – 10 sts.
Rnd 17: *K2tog; rep from * around – 5 sts.

Cut yarn, leaving a tail. Thread the tail through the rem sts and pull tight.


Weave in all yarn ends. Fold the cuff ribbing into the inside of the mitten. It should fold naturally at the purl rnd, Rnd 16. Sew it down on the inside of the mitten, onto the back of chart Rnd 32. Block.

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