Erica Mount


Projects by Erica Mount

Harmony Pillow

When many elements that both contrast and complement each other come together, they work together to create a harmonious whole. With simple, easy-to-knit construction, the colorwork motifs take the spotlight and create perfect harmony in this chic pillow.

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High Score Fingerless Mitts

Bold color and traditional motifs collide in these fun fingerless mitts. They are designed to keep up with all your fast-paced activity, as the ribbed cuff ensures a secure and snug fit.

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Autumn’s Aztec Mittens

Geometric shapes in Aztec designs are fun to knit. It’s amazing how an assortment of triangles can be combined to form intriguing shapes.The palm and back are the same on each mitten, so they can be worn on either hand. Featuring a double cuff and worked at a tight gauge, these mittens are extra warm for those extra chilly days.

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