Ready, Set, Stitch: Scenic Route Lace

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  1. Cast on.

  1. First row: K3, yo.

  1. First row continued: K2tog.

  1. Continue working (yo, k2tog) until 5 sts remain. Finish row one with a final yo, k2tog. Then k3.

  1. The right side of your first row will look like this. The bottom of the swatch above features the right side of the first row as well.

  1. For row 2 and all wrong side rows, p across.

  1. For odd (right side) rows 3-15, you’ll work the following. K3, (yo, k2tog, k6)…

  1. When 5 sts remain, finish the row with yo, k2tog, k3.

  1. This is what rows 1-3 look like on the right side when finished.

  1. Row 4, like wrong side rows, is purled across.

  1. When you’ve worked approximately half of the trellis pattern chart, your work will look like this.

  1. A completed swatch of the Trellis Pattern.