Houndstooth & Plaid Themed Knitting Products

Based on two popular fall trends, we wanted to find the perfect knitting accessories to complement your fall knitting style!


  1. Fall Plaid Project Bag, $9.95,

  2. Blue Fall Plaid Project Bag, $49.95,

  3. Tartan Stitch Markers, $12,

  4. Knitting Needle Cozy, $7,

  5. Black & White Buttons, $4.24,

  6. Pink Fall Plaid Project Bag, $49.95,

  7. Houndstooth Needle Keeper, $8.79,

  8. Houndstooth Project Bag, $24,

Plaid Prep ScarfColor POP Scarf | Color Me Plaid Wrap


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