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Purl Stitch

Hold the working needle in your right hand and the needle with the stitches in your left. The yarn is held and worked with your right hand and is kept to the front of the work…

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Knit Long Tail Cast-On Tutorial

Make a slip knot on the right needle, leaving a long tail. Wind the tail end around your left thumb, from the front to the back. Wrap the yarn from the ball over your left index finger and secure the ends in your palm…

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Slip Stitch Knitting Tutorial

Before starting the slip knot, decide which method of casting on you want to try. If you choose the long-tail cast-on method, leave approximately an inch for every stitch that you’re about to place on the needle. For the knitted cast-on, leave eight to ten inches between the end of the yarn and the slip knot.

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How to Line a Knit Clutch

You will need:

Fusible interfacing
Sewing thread
Sewing needle
Felt fabric
Fabric glue
Magnetic clasp
Measuring tape

Measure the fabric along the lines shown.


Cut out fabric and interfacing as measured to the total width and length of the clutch with 0.25” seam allowance at the sides, 1.5” at the top, and 0.5” at the

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Yarn Color Theory 101

With so many colorwork patterns available at the moment, choosing the perfect color combinations can seem quite daunting.  Of course, you could go with the shades in the given pattern, but this is almost certainly not going to suit every knitter.  Therefore, we need to consider such things as favourite colors and colors that suit

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Lace Knitting

Explore the world of lace knitting in this new release. Read about the history of lace, including the similarities between the genre from various traditions, then explore more than 70 lace motifs and embellishments. From making bobbles to working with beading, knitters will delight in the combination of projects inside this book, including intricate wedding

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